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Using smart auto-tagging rules, Tabbles can scan and tag your files automatically, also on shared-drives or Cloud.

Your team can search by tags (automatic and manual), comments, file content and folders.

You can also tag and search your emails from Outlook and bookmarks.

See our feature list or watch the videos.

Organize files by tagging

Tag or auto-tag

Tag your files , manually or with powerful automatic rules. Tag emails and bookmarks with our Outlook and Chrome plugins

Find files with tags

Find files, emails and bookmarks

Find your documents and files by combining concepts with a mouse click. Group files, emails and bookmarks based on tags

Share tagging with your colleagues


Tag files and share your tagging with your colleagues. Tag on local disks, network drives and in the Cloud

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Over 2000 Fortune500’s, universities and institutions are already tagging their files with Tabbles

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