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Auto-tag anything, anywhere, with your team.

Tagging software for individuals and teams, Tabbles takes you beyond folders and drive letters.

  • Tag files and add comments, with your team
  • Auto-Tagging and Data-Mining of files
  • Add chat-like comments on files and preview documents
  • Tag files in Dropbox, OneDrive or any file-synchronization service
  • Granular user privileges, import users from ActiveDirectory, SSO
  • Manage users and groups permissions for tagging

Tag any file

Tabbles can tag any file type on any file system: the tagging is stored in a database. Tabbles won’t mess up with your file names or leave hidden files on your disk.


Let Tabbles automatically tag your files based on their path, their name and their content or data-mine information using regular expressions.


Write multiple and searchable comments on files in a chat-like fashion, along with your team.

Search metadata

Search everything

Tabbles unified search box can search through file name and paths, as well as tags, comments and file content.

Move files in Explorer

...and tag follows!

If you move, rename or delete a tagged file in Windows Explorer, the tagging will follow and won’t be lost (or even some 3rd party file managers)

Dropbox, OneDrive...

Tag files on any file-sync service

Tabbles unique Folder Synchronization feature, lets you tag files on any cloud storage or file synchronization tool, by yourself of with your team. See how to set it up.

Tag Emails, Bookmarks

Tag Outlook emails or bokmarks

Tag Outlook emails and bookmarks on any browser, and find them along with your files inside your tags.


Auto-tag files using smart rules

Let Tabbles scrape your drive(s) using regular expressions to data-mine sensitive information (email addresses, credit cards or social security numbers) or  names from a list and auto-tag files.


Share your tags along with your team

Tag, auto-tag and share your tagging with your colleagues. Tag on local disks, network drives and in the Cloud, manage users and groups through granular permissions.

File Previews

Preview many file formats

You can preview most graphic files and PDF (the first 10 pages) in the preview box of Tabbles.

Explorer integration

Right click -> Tag and Overlays

Tabbles is deeply integrated with Windows Explorer: you can perform many tasks from the Context Menu, and you will see an Overlay icon on tagged files.


On local disks or USB

Tabbles can tag any file type and folder on your PC’s hard disk, for any file system that Windows can read.

Tabbles works on USB disks and sticks as well: you can setup a Cloud account to have your tags synchronized across multiple devices.

On shared drives

Use Tabbles to collaboratively share your tagging with your colleagues on your network drives and use chat-like file comments to communicate. It works on any file system.

The auto-tagging rules work on shared folders as well and your SysAdmin can use Tabbles granular permissions to define what each user and can do and on what disk(s).

In Dropbox/OneDrive etc.

Using Tabbles unique Folder Synchronization feature, you can tag files on any cloud storage and file synchronization service.

Using tag sharing and Folder Synchronization, you can tag files in your cloud folders along with your colleagues, wherever they are. See how to set it up.


All your data in one place

Files, Emails, Bookmarks

Tabbles collects in tags all your important files, bookmarks and Outlook emails in one place.

Search by tag, comments, path and content in one search box.

Auto-tagging and data-mining

Auto-tagging rules

Let Tabbles automatically tag all your files based on powerful rules.

Once you have setup the rules, Tabbles will listen to every new file you create (or save) and tag it accordingly.

Use your tagging on multiple PCs


You can use Tabbles in Cloud mode, have it installed on 3 PCs and use your tagging from all of them.

You can have your files tagged on Dropbox/OneDrive or on your NAS.


Document management

Collaborative tags and comments

Use Tabbles to manage documents by sharing your tagging with your team and communicate using chat-like file comments, on local disks, network drives and in the Cloud.

SQL Scripts allow you to monitor the database and export data.

Manage users and groups

Granular permissions

Tabbles granular groups and users management enables you map to assign different privileges to users and groups. This enables you to create a tag-based hierarchy on top of the existing file system structure.


Data Loss Prevention

Use Tabbles or Confidential to mark, manually or through data-mining, your important data.

Confidential adds tags visible in Explorer, enabling your team to spot sensitive files while browsing.


Microsoft SQL and .Net

Client-Server architecture

The client is entirely written in .Net (.exe and .msi installer are available)

The server is entirely contained in a MSSQL Database and the logic contained in stored-procedures: the server installation is fully automatic and maintenance is minimal.

Group Policies

Streamlined mass-deployment

Tabbles is corporate class tool: it can be mass deployed in minutes via Group Policies, using its .msi installer and writing one standard file in the users’ %appdata% folder.

Active Directory

Mass import users

The User Control Panel of Tabbles includes a feature to batch-import users from Active Directory, along with managing granular privileges for users and groups.


API and Plugins

Tabbles API

Tabbles offers a growing library of APIs, accessible in .net languages. You’re welcome to ask us for help or request an API to develop your plugin!


Import/Export data to/from XML

Crete databases, export database, create rules, using XML files for max interoperability.


Export data using SQL Scripts

Check our SQL scripts for sysadmins, to automatize functions like data monitoring, you’re welcome to contact us if you need more!

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Over 2000 Fortune500’s, universities and institutions are already tagging their files with Tabbles

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