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      Could it be possible to create links to a file that is not based on the folder location but on the tabbles database. Henceforth the file can be tracked when moved.

      This link would be some sort of unique tag for all files.  So that when a file is moved in explorer, the link to that file doesn’t break.




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      Not sure how they would do this but it would be cool if it is possible. In particular, I need this for e-mail. I’m unable to pull up any tagged e-mail from the tabbles application because my workflow is view/respond to e-mail in inbox, tag e-mail, archive it. Because it is archived after tagging, tabbles link to it is broken.

      But having to tag after archiving would be very inconvenient and time wasting.

      Keeping everything in my inbox indefinately is not possible due to retention rules and mailbox quotas.

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