What is Tabbles, in a few words?

Tabbles is a tagging software that allows to tag any kind of file, emails (in Outlook) and bookmarks. It helps you to tag and organize your files independently from folders and find them when you don’t remember where they are, but only what they are about. Tabbles allows you to combine tags with a few mouse clicks, immediately finding the file, regardlessly of what folder or disk it is stored on. It even tells you what drive you need to connect, in case the file is archived on a disconnected drive.

A tabble is a both a tag and a virtual folder

Tabbles are tags that you apply to files and other data; but they are also special folders, because they can be combined, intersected and subtracted from each other, to create dynamic combinations of files.

You can put files in as many tabbles as you want, without duplicating them. No disk space will be wasted. The magic starts when you try to open the tabble and combine it with other tabbles, to find what you need in a natural way, without the need to know which directory or drive contains the files you need.

You can also define powerful rules to tag files automatically.

Files and tabbles, (tags and virtual folders)

Tags can be combined, allowing to find a file in many different paths

The combine function allows you to find files and other documents by describing them the way you find more natural. Tabbles adapts to the way you think, allowing to find a file in many different paths. For example, you can reach the same file by clicking

Pictures > John smith > vacations > beach

or by clicking

Year 2010 > Trip > India > John Smith > Mary Evans,

even though that file only has a single physical path, like “Y:\archived\2010\Trip-to-india\Camera\BR0000223”. A physical path which you most likely do not remember! Add to all this that the drive containing the file is probably disconnected, and you would have to attach all your drives in sequence to find the file.

In short, with Tabbles you get the power of a relational database and the usability of a pocket calculator!

combining tags (Tabbles)

Share your tagging and collaborate

In a corporate environment with many users and machines, users can share some or all of their tags, so that each user can find files based on tags applied by colleagues.

Tabbles stores its tags into a Microsoft SQL Server databases, and allows for tag-sharing on local drives, shared drives as well as on cloud sync folder (like Dropbox, OneDrive etc.).

The system administrator can manage users, sharing groups permissions and licenses via an Admin control panel.

Tabbles sharing - Corporate