Tag your emails with the Tabbles’ Outlook plugin

Open source on github!


The Outlook plugin for Tabbles is finely tuned to help you tag your emails and organize them along with your files. The plugin is installed automatically by the Tabbles installer – no extra installation needed. Below an overview of its main features:


Tag emails in Outlook with Tabbles
  •  Compatible with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Outlook 365 (not the web based version)
  • Automatically installed with Tabbles
  • Outlook’s tags are synchronized with Tabbles
  • Search emails based on tags
  • Open emails along with files based on tags
  • Synchronize all your existing Outlook tagging with Tabbles




  •  Advanced and powerful tagging interface
  • Super fast: tag several emails with several tags at one
  • Text-based search of tags
  • Tags can be group and nested to multiple levels




Tabbles advanced tagging GUI for Outlook


Organize and find emails along with files and bookmarks, with Tabbles 
  • Find and group emails along with files and bookmarks, based on tags
  • Create a virtual file system that contains all your important data, and navigate it through tags
  • Include emails into project related tags and choose to share with your colleagues the email’s title
  • Start searching via tag and refine the search via file name




Open source on github!