Tabbles 6 is out, with Azure support!

We have just released Tabbles 6, which now supports Microsoft Azure SQL. In order to user this new feature, you first need to setup your Azure SQL database in the Azure admin panel. Then from the Tabbles Login window, you can use the Tabbles Azure > Create database to initialize the database in order for Tabbles to use it. Enjoy [...]

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Tabbles icons and extension in Windows Explorer: the Shell Extensions

HELLO WORLD, Recently we have noticed a surge of complains about Tabbles users whose overlay icons and Windows Explorer menu disappeared. This tipically happens because of an installation gone wrong, an antivirus that is particularly picky, a Windows update hanging or simply cause you need to reboot. One way to check if the shell extensions are working is by using [...]

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Tabbles 10th birthday and Tabbles Web

HELLO WORLD On August 01, 2009, we released Tabbles 1.0. While we haven't become rich with it (yet?), we're still around and we're not going to disappear anytime soon. But that's not all: today we're going public with the very first version of Tabbles Web, that looks like this at the moment: You can try Tabbles Web demo (ver. 0.1) [...]

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Tagging files in Google Drive (using Google File Stream)

Tag files on your Google Drive, with your team Works on "Google file stream" or any other file stream tool HELLO WORLD We added another highly requested feature in the build 5.7.1, the tagging of "file stream" drives for teams. Tabbles now supports tagging on "Google file stream" and similar technologies, so basically it works any software that mounts a [...]

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Comprehensive review of tagging software

HELLO WORLD, for a long time, I wished I had the time to write a list of all the tagging applications out there, try them out and tell the world about them, but since that's quite a lot of work, reality bit and the project never saw the light. Thankfully Simon Kravis (a real pro sitting on the other edge [...]

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Automatically tag files based on the their creation date

HELLO WORLD, in Tabbles 5.6.0 we have introduced a feature that we have been requested to develop forever: auto-tagging files based on their creation date. The auto-tagging window has been extended and now includes a time range that triggers the tagging. But you don't need to select a starting and ending day everytime, you can also play it differently, for [...]

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Tabbles Web is growing!

HELLO WORLD, exactly one month (and 3 days, edited) after the first post, we're showing you again how Tabbles Web is coming along: now you can see and open a real tag-tree and see file paths (we'll make it prettier later on), see here:   We have know most of the back-end (with most of the file and tags sorting [...]

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Tabbles Web: coming soon to your web browser!

Last year we did run a survey with our user base, and what you voted as the most requested feature is to be able to run Tabbles in a web browser. So of course we started working on that as soon as we could. As of today, we have an half-baked back-end along with an half-way working front-end logic, meaning [...]

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