On August 01, 2009, we released Tabbles 1.0. While we haven’t become rich with it (yet?), we’re still around and we’re not going to disappear anytime soon. But that’s not all: today we’re going public with the very first version of Tabbles Web, that looks like this at the moment:

You can try Tabbles Web demo (ver. 0.1) here (user: demo, pass: demo).


What does the Tabbles Web demo do? Really not much:

  • You can login
  • Open and combine a couple tags
  • Copy file paths, converted based on the machine you’re using
  • Download files

But think that all the tagging was done using a regular Tabbles client, so if you install Tabbles Web on your IIS Server (it’s an ASP MVC5 application), you can use it to let users browse tags, copy paths and past them into Explorer (or Mac finder). But they can also download the files, if the server where Tabbles Web is installed has access to the shared drive: in this case the file be downloaded on any device (Android, iPhone and iPad too).

Wanna try it on your IIS Server?

You can download and install TabblesWeb on your IIS, we have put all the information in the Tabbles manual (you’ll find an updated download link there). We’re happy to help you to install it and configure, we could also install a dedicated instance for you on our servers, just contact us in either case 🙂

Happy tagging! 🙂