Tag files on your Google Drive, with your team

Works on “Google file stream” or any other file stream tool


We added another highly requested feature in the build 5.7.1, the tagging of “file stream” drives for teams.

Tabbles now supports tagging on “Google file stream” and similar technologies, so basically it works any software that mounts a cloud drive locally, without synchronizing the files (there are many solutions that do that (Expandrive, Mountain Duck, odrive…). You can now tell Tabbles that “G:\” is a shared drive, and tag files on it along with your team.

You can set it up under Sharing > Files stream drives:

Tag files on Google Drive


Then you need to add the letter of your “file stream drive” (that is typically G: if you’re using Google file stream), the result would look like this:

Tag files on Google Drive

From now, everyone in your organization who uses Tabbles and has a file stream drive mapped on the same letter, can share tagging with you. Remember of course to activate tag-sharing (see the manual).