Tabbles Changelog

6.0.3 (Major – requires database upgrade)

Feature: Azure support
Feature: better codesign, no more warning screen
Minor bugs fixed: multiple bug fixed

5.9.3 (requires database upgrade)

Major bug fixed: Explorer overlay icons was no longer showing
Major bug fixed: Tabbles was no longer transferring tags when moving or renaming files
Minor bug fixed: Tabbles wasn’t showing any file if you subtract the “is a folder” special tag (with the minus sign) and the “search in file content” feature was active


5.9.2 (requires database upgrade)

Language: Chinese simplified updated
Language: Dutch updated
Added support for Tabbles Web (now in private Beta, write us!)


5.7.1 (requires database upgrade)

Support of “file stream” for teams: we added support for “Google file stream” and similar technologies, so basically it works any software that mounts a cloud drive locally, without synchronizing the files (there are many solutions that do that (Expandrive, Mountain Duck, odrive…). You can now tell Tabbles that “G:\” is a shared drive, and tag files on it along with your team.



5.6.0 (requires database upgrade)

New Major feature: auto-tagging ruled based on dates. You can now create an auto-tagging rule triggered by the creation date of a file, for example a file created between January and March (of any year), a file created in 2017, a file created between the 1st and 15th of December, etc.
Fixed bug causing the GUI to hang when loading the preview of large PDF files.


Added Alt+H global shortcut, it opens the “Auto-tagging history” window
Fixed bug with the Chrome Extension and the Bookmarklet that caused bookmark title to get overwritten (thanks Chaim!)
Added Greek language
Improved Japanese translation


Important improvement: the software now recognizes network drives connecting in real-time.


Changed the resolution of preview of graphic files and PDF from height = 550px to height = 1000px. In order to see your existing thumbnail in higher resolution, you must delete the old ones, from the folder %appdata%\Tabbles\Th

Changed the default value of View > File view > Group folders before files to “true”. This will effect only new users, as you are an existing user, we recommend you change the setting manually

5.4.6 (requires database upgrade)

Fixed major issue, relevant for teams: when using tag-sharing on network drives, file already tagged (with different tags) sometimes a non-superuser is not able to tag. Fixed with a re-written tagging stored procedure.


Major improvement: you can now copy and paste text in the comment box on the right side of the software window (Yeah!)
Added link to user manual in the login window


Fixed bug on Auto-tagging rules: you can now use complex rules for keywords (“Word1, Word2”) and Regular expressions with complex lists
Fixed bug on license: time-licenses cause Tabbles to crash on expiration
Fixed when you open a folder in tabbles and type something in the search box, and you disabled “search in file content”
Added feature: you can see what file is being tagged while the auto-tagging rules are working.

5.4.3 (requires database upgrade)

New Feature: change machine name
If you get a new computer and move all your tagging, or simply change the machine name,
you can now use File > Tabbles Database > Database Edit Wizard > Change machine name
to update your database


Changed behaviour of single click for tags that have children: click how shows the children instead of opening (or combining) the tag. This was done to alleviate SQL timeouts as opening a tag with many children can be very calculation-intensive.


Now only “superusers” will see the version notifications
Added pop-up for intro wizard
Improved Activation messages
Improved web service registration messages


New feature: create tags in batch
You can now create tags writing (or pasting) text in a textbox.
You can open the feature from Tools > Create tags in batch

New feature: Intro tutorial
Go to Help > Intro tutorial to see videos and info of important features.

MAJOR FIX: finally (!!!) fixed the default browser detection.
You can now open your bookmarks in the right browser in Tabbles


Hotfix: auto-tagging rules based on path work again


Fixed chaotic pop-ups and refresh with automatic creations tag
Fixed minor bugs with German translation
Reintroduced help files in the installer


Major new feature: automatic creations of tags and rules based on folders
Using this feature you can select a group of folder, one tag per folder will be created and all the content of each folder will be tag with each correspondent tag. You can optionally also create auto-tagging rules on those folders.
This saves you from the burden of having to create tags manually, for your existing folder structure.

Added “Apply auto-tagging rules” menu entry on the list of disks and folders in the left tree of the software.

The alt+s window can now be fully localized (translation will be added soon).

Added “Revert to free button” on the self-activation window.

Removed default auto-tagging rules that triggered one-click tagging pop-ups.

Fixed a number of bugs.



New feature: preview to PDF files.
You can now have a preview of the first 10 pages of a pdf, and have a thumbnail of it with the first page.

New feature: OverlayHandler’s network cache
If you have an installation with more than 10 user on the same database, using this feature you may experience a visible improvement in performances (and less stress on your database server).

Updated Japanese translation.

Various bug fixes.



MAJOR NEW FEATURE: search inside files using regular expression. Read at
You can use regex to search in the file content, using auto-tagging rules. This allows you to data-mine your drives for credit card numbers, email addresses, names from a list…

Improved the export and import of auto-tagging rules

Auto-tagging rules window is now resizeable




MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Added a preview panel containing a large preview of image files. Now you are no longer forced to use gallery view if you produce a lot of psd files or similar.

MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Added a preview panel containing the file comments.

MAJOR BUG FIX: big memory leak fixed if you have psd files.

MAJOR SPEED IMPROVEMENT: if you have psd files, the file panel would draw very slowly. Now after the first time it will be fast, due to the new native thumbnail system for PSDs.

Fixed crash when searching in the Windows index and the search keyword is too short.

Bug fix in Outlook plugin: for languages different than English, you could not use the feature “search with Tabbles”.



MAJOR BUG FIXED: Tabbles was slowing down your Windows system after a while, because of a bug in the log system. (The log of overlay handlers was becoming huge).

Major bug fixed: if you move or rename a file, comments are lost.

Major bug fixed: the explorer overlay handler was not showing the correct overlay icons on files, both on the desktop and in any case Explorer opened a second process.

Major bug fixed: Tabbles crashes if you search for a file only in Tabbles’ db and not in the Windows index.



Fixed crash when searching for files.

New search option: you can now specify whether you want to search in the Tabbles database, or in the Tabbles database plus the Windows index.

Search improved: you can now search for multiple words.

Bug fixed: if you delete a comment from a file that has no tags, the file would remain in the database, taking up space, until you retag it and untag it again.

The Outlook addin is now installed by the msi installer as well, with Group Policy.

Other crashes fixed.


MAJOR NEW FEATURE: improved search, part 1: You can now search inside the documents (content and metadata). Confidential uses the Windows Search indexing for that.

Majore new feature: improved search, part 2: In addition to the above, you can now search in file comments, in the tags of the file, and in the full paths of . (Whereas previously what you typed was only searched for in the file name).

Major new feature: improved search, part 3: We added a completely new search window that can search for files which are in the Confidential database OR in the Windows index. This means you can search for files that are not tagged in Confidential yet. This Window can be opened via the menu or via the ALT+s shortcut.



Major optimization: if you frequently saw the orange timeout popup, this problem should now be fixed. In addition, it should no longer be needed to periodically shrink the database.

Some UI code has been improved; the UI is now smoother.


Tabbles Cloud is now enabled.
Minor bug fix: if you search for files among all tags, or open the “is tagged” special tag, you see duplicate tags below some files.

5.0.6 Major Release

MAJOR NEW FEATURE: You can now add comments to files.

Tabbles is now smoother and faster.

Fixed crash in the “download and install new version” capability, when you are using Tabbles Cloud.

Fixed rare crash when combining tags with the “minus” sign.

The “download and install” feature now has a progress bar instead of freezing the user interface.

At startup, the UI does not freeze anymore.


Major new feature: implemented auto-tagging rules that search for text inside the files. It can scan .docx, .pdf, .mp3, .epub, .txt, and a lot more.

4.5.26 (update required, see below)

Important: You need to update to this version, otherwise Tabbles 4 will stop working in a few weeks, as we have moved some Web Services.

MAJOR BUG FIX: big memory leak fixed if you have psd files.

MAJOR SPEED IMPROVEMENT: if you have psd files, the file panel would draw very slowly. Now after the first time it will be fast, due to the new native thumbnail system for PSDs.

Bug fix in Outlook plugin: for languages different than English, you could not use the feature “search with Tabbles”.


4.5.1 – Final Tabbles 4 build

Major optimization: when you rename or move a folder that contains many tagged files, you were likely to get a timeout. This is now fixed.

New feature: you can now create an auto-tagging rule that matches two or more file types. For example if you write “.docx , .doc”, the rule matches any .docx OR .doc.

Fixed minor bug: auto-tagging rules were applied to files created by Windows in C:\Windows, resulting in a slowdown, especially when Windows was auto-updating.

User management: you can now prevent users to move shared tags, via the users control center.

Added two new buttons on the toolbar to highlight important features.

Other major optimizations and bugfixes.

Improvements in the installer.

New French translation.

Fixed bug in Tabbles Local. If you were having an error when pressing “go”, please try again now.


Import users from Active Directory is now working. Also, we added a “select all users” button.

Fixed random crashes related to disk enumeration;

Fixed random crashes related to “paths too long” (for example, if you move a file with a path that was too long);

Fixed crash if you change your own password in the Users Control Center.

Added a new file sort mode: sort by name descending.


Major optimization: the communication between Tabbles components is now faster thanks to memory-mapped-files.

For Tabbles Local, it is now possible to change the folder where the database (mdf) file resides. For instructions, see here.

Korean translation completed


Tabbles now shows thumbnails for .PSD files (Photoshop). It is easier to locate the correct PSD at a glance. It can also preview PSD files.

Thumbnails in the gallery view are now bigger, to help you eyeball the correct file.

Migration from Tabbles 3 has been improved: it does not ask you to connect the drives anymore, but asks you how to translate disk-ids to paths. This also happens when you importing a Tabbles 3 database via XML.

Migration from Tabbles 3 does not timeout if your database is huge

Import from Tabbles 3 does not timeout if your database is huge

When you deleted a tag, the confirmation dialog box was buggy, and deleted the file even if you pressed “cancel”.

Fixed many crashes due to too long file paths.

Fixed crash when tagging an URL which is too long.

Fixed other crashes when importing database from Tabbles 3 or 4.

New translation: Simplified Chinese

Improved Spanish translation.


Bug fixed: when browsing a folder, text filters and subtracting tags did not work. This had been broken since version 4.1.0.


Minor crash fixed when you had a file with a path longer than 255 characters.

Minor bug fixed: subtracting the “Tagged” special tabble was not working anymore.


Fixed major crash when tagging or dragging a file. The crash was introduced in 4.1.3.


Major bug fixed: synchronization wasn’t working anymore.

Bug fixed: if you renamed a folder on a shared drive, you would lose tags (until you renamed it back as it was).

Minor bugs fixed.


Major bug fixed: “Create superuser” fails. Please recreate the database, and now “create superuser” should work.


Major bug fixed: “Create Database” fails if you don’t have Sql Server 2016. Sorry for the problem. This only affects Tabbles Lan.

Bug fixed: you can again create auto-tagging rules on subfolders. You might need to edit your rules on folders and check “on subfolders” again.


Major speed improvement: the Tabbles engine has been completely rewritten and is now many times faster. The speed improvement is huge. If you previously had timeouts, or slow server response, you should not have them anymore. We tested everything with up to 300,000 files in each tag. (These numbers are for the LAN and Local version, not for the Cloud, which has nonetheless improved a lot).

Crash fixed: some people had a crash with the message “drive letter already present”, especially at startup. This is now fixed.

Crash fixed when you had a file with a path longer than 255 characters and tried to tag it, or to enter its folder.

Fixed crash (endless popups) when you had the same network share (e.g. \\computername\sharename) mounted on two different drive letters.

Fixed collaboration bug: if two users in the same organization have two files with the same path in their respective non-shared drives, only one of them could tag it.

Fixed minor bug: when you copy a tag into a child tag (with CTRL-drag), the tag visually disappears from the root until you press F5. So it seems that the tag has not been copied but moved. This is now fixed.

New language: Korean.

New language: Farsi.


Fixed two minor crashes.

Fixed bug that prevented unregistered users from using Tabbles after 90 days (a popup would appear complaining about synchronization).


Major bug fixed: when you tag any email with Outlook, Tabbles crashes (shows infinite popups)


New French translation (now complete)


Implemented “select all files” in the menu.

Fixed bug: if your tags are shared with more than one group, they appear more than once under the files.


Major bug fixed: Tabbles installer was always failing (unless you already had VSTO installed).

Major bug fixed: Tabbles Local was not working for some users. You had a crash when pressing the “go” button. It was due to Lavasoft Ad-Aware or WebCompanion. You need to uninstall Lavasoft products. See our blog post.

Major bug fixed: Tabbles would fail to connect to Sql Server on another machine, because the timeout expired. This happened in particular when Windows 10 was hosting Sql Server.

Major optimizations: Tabbles is now much faster, especially if you have thousands of files tagged on network drives.

Major bug fixed: if you try to open a tag which was too complex, (such as “tagged”), Tabbles would give orange popups forever.

Bug fixed: when entering a folder, the text filter was not reset, so you would not see the files in the folder.

Chinese and French translations: complete.

Added option to cache thumbnails on network drive. (This was commissioned by a client and should speedup thumbnail generation.)

Fixed minor logical errors (subtracting urls did not work, is-a-folder was not showing in All Tabbles)

Added some animations to combinable tags.


Fixed crash when a license is expired.


prevented common user mistake which made tag sharing not work (you did not see the files tagged by other users on other machines).

improved file icons.

4.0.8 beta

Fixed: when you run for the first time after upgrading from Tabbles 3, Tabbles 4 gets stuck in a loop until you delete the config.xml.

Graphical improvements.

4.0.7 beta

Fixed major bug in “Import database from Tabbles 3” (both from XML zipped and from server ). Tabbles was importing files with a wrong path.

4.0.5 beta

Fixed crash renaming tags

Improved graphical theme

4.0.4 beta

Fixed crash (infinite loop) when deleting a folder to exclude from auto-tagging rules.

Fixed crash (infinite loop) deleting or untagging an email.

fixed crash when tagging a file with a path too long

fixed crash when tagging email with a title too long.

Other minor bugs and GUI improvements.

4.0.3 beta

New feature: when tagging a folder, you can choose to tag only those files whose filename contain a given text, or those with a given type.

Tabbles is now smoother.

Tabbles can now restart itself (e.g. when you log out).

Fixed a bug in the installer.

4.0.2 beta

Fixed crash at random times (checking for new version).

4.0.1 beta

The popups of auto-tagging rules are now less intrusive. E.g. they do not appear each time you save a file with Word, but only when you actually create the file for the first time.

Other bug fixes


Fixed crash when connecting disks, often at startup.

The Gallery file view now shows file names in addition to big thumbnails.

Other minor UI improvements and minor bugfixes.


You can now TAG UNLIMITED FILES with Tabbles Local, even without an activation key.

Fixed crash at startup.

A few more bugfixes and improvements.


Tabbles Local should now finally work on all machines.

Some GUI improvements for understandability.


More work done on Tabbles Local.


Another major bug fixed in Tabbles Local: please try again pressing the Login button, if it did not work for you previously.

The Tabbles user interface is now smoother.


Tabbles Local: Bug fixed: now Tabbles Local should really work. Please try again pressing the “login” button. (LocalDb was forgetting the database).


Tabbles Local: fixed crash after creating db, when trying to create user, which leaves Tabbles stuck in a situation which requires manual intervention.

Tabbles now starts much faster.

Fixed crash in network sharing center window, when selecting a rule.

Fixed crash if you try to open Tabbles while Tabbles is already starting or you did not yet log in.

Fixed bug: you cannot abort a resync operation.

Other minor fixes.


Tabbles can now be used with LocalDB, with zero configuration. No need to install Sql Server or to register to Tabbles Cloud.


Fixed Major bug: Explorer malfunctioning and stopping responding to user actions.


Fixed major bug: sometimes Explorer stopped responding correctly to user actions, and you need to refresh with F5 to see the operation you just did (e.g. renamed a file, moved a file). (this fix is backported from Tabbles 4)


Fixed major problem: Tabbles Cloud had stopped connecting, due to an error of our database service provider. Now you can again use Tabbles Cloud.


This version attempts to fix a problem with Tabbles Cloud not connecting anymore, but does not fix it for all users.


Fixed major new issues on Windows 10. The explorer integration had stopped working, and the Windows taskbar would randomly freeze.


Major new feature: Tabbles now works on Windows 10. (Previous versions of Tabbles would make Explorer stop working on Windows 10.)

Major bugfix: in Explorer, any file operation (copy, move, rename) which requires elevated permissions would silenty fail.

Major crash fix: Tabbles would often randomly crash when retrieving the large icon for files.

Minor crash fixed, in the presence of file paths longer than 255 characters.


Major new feature: new thumbnail system. Tabbles now shows thumbnails for any file type (.avi, .pdf, .mp4, etc.) for which Windows Explorer shows thumbnails.

Major bugfix: Outlook: fixed several bugs in the Outlook plugin which made it stop working in several scenarios (e.g. if you had a lot or folders in Outlook, or if you use Oulook together with Exchange, etc). Be sure to reenable the plugin in Outlook, if Outlook has blacklisted it.

Fixed bugs which made Tabbles unusable on Turkish systems.

Fixed bug: when you open a tag, if you don’t have permission to access one of the files in the tag, Tabbles says “you do not have permission to access this path” and does not show any file.

Fixed crash (crash window says KeyNotFoundException)

You can now search for tabble names containing dashes and other special symbols.


Several crashes fixed when some file path is longer than 255 characters.

Avoid crashing if license is expired.

Fixed crash when PC is going out of standby.


Fixed bugs in Explorer overlay icons (even if disabled) which caused slowdowns.

Explorer Context-menu is grouped by default.

Fixed bugs in Outlook addin.


Some major bugfixes.

Explorer integration is more stable.

Fixed: files moved with Explorer were not being detected on some systems.


Fixed several bugs in the Outlook plugin and in the Explorer overlay icons.


Fixed problems in Explorer overlay icons on non-English systems.


Explorer is now more responsive. Also, the overlay icons in Explorer now appear faster.

Fixed: the Outlook plugin did not work on some machines.

Fixed: Explorer overlay icons not being displayed at all on some machines.

Fixed: sometimes the Explorer overlay icons don’t appear on all tagged files.

Fixed crash when trying to copy and cut tabbles. (e.g. pressing CTRL+C on a tabble in the workspace.)

Fixed several other crashes.

Fixed some graphical glitches.


Usability: now if you press ALT+c to show the quick-tag window, you can start typing without clicking with the mouse on the window. Very useful for keyboard users. (really fixed this time)

Fixed several crashes.


Fixed crash when creating a synchronization group, when the group name was already used.

Fixed crash on machines where the pipe creation permission are somehow limited for the user.

The quick-tag and quick-open windows are now faster and more responsive.

Fixed bug: when you add internet address and type a tag name, sometimes the tag list disappears.

Fixed bug in function “display all shadow files in this folder”. It was displaying files on other disks, if the path was matching. Now it’s fine.


This is a major release , with important new features, usability improvements, and bugfixes:

Usability: now if you press ALT+c to show the quick-tag window, you can start typing without clicking with the mouse on the window. Very useful for keyboard users.

Integration with other file managers: for users of file managers like Directory Opus, xplorer2, Total Commander: you can now move and rename files with other file managers without losing tags. How? Now if you right click a file in the other file manager, you see other menu options like “delete and untag”, “rename and preserve tags”, “move and preserve tags”.

Added “open new window” verb if you right-click on the Tabbles taskbar icon.

Fixed another Tabbles crash when the Explorer overlay icons stop working.

Usability: major optimization: the Tabbles user interface is now faster and smoother, and more responsive.

Made overlay handler more robust.

Fixed broken icons in the address bar.

Fixed broken icons when you open special tabbles “computer” and “favorites”.

Fixed several other crashes.


Fixed crash when creating a shortcut to a network path (like pcnamefoldername).

Fixed possible crash when a network drive (or other kind of drive) is unexpectedly disconnected.

Fixed crash if you add a folder to the list of folders to exclude from auto-tagging rules, or to include in auto-tagging rules.

Fixed crash if you create an auto-tagging rule on a network path (like pcnamefolder).

Fixed crash if user tries to create or upgrade the database and Sql Server is not properly configured.

Fixed crash which happens when Explorer overlay icons for some reason stop working.

Fixed crash at startup on some systems, due to access-denied errors when registering hot key in Windows.

Suggest to resync now when you add a folder to a synchronization group.


If Tabbles is running in the tray area, and you click Tabbles in the Start menu, open a Tabbles window. (No need to click the tray icon.)

If you have pinned Tabbles to the taskbar, and you click the taskbar icon, open a Tabbles window. (No need to click the tray icon.)

If you right-click the Tabbles taskbar icon, you get common verbs like “quick-tag”, “quit”.

At startup, you can now cancel the login operation if the server is taking too long to respond.


Fixed crash at startup when internet connection is unreliable and you try to close the progress dialog with the cross icon.

The Tabbles tray icon is now forcefully shown at startup, making it more apparent to new users how to show the Tabbles user interface.


Fixed crash if you disconnect a drive while Sql Server is not reachable.

Fixed random crash if you start to tag a big folder in background and you change folder while the task is running.


Fixed several bugs related to synchronization:

Fixed crash if you rename a subfolder of a synchronized folder.

Fixed bug: resync was not working on files which had tags not owned by you.

Fixed: if you rename a file or folder inside a synchronized folder, the changes weren’t correctly propagated to the mirror folder.


Fixed crash when moving a folder, with either Explorer or Tabbles. Sorry for the problem. This crash was introduced in version 3.1.3.


In short: major bugfixes related to network drives, and much improved synchronization support. In detail:

Major bugfix with network drives: if you share a folder from one PC, and you tag a file in that folder from that same PC, the file would not appear tagged from other PCs. So previously you could only tag files from the other pcs. Now you can tag from the original PC as well, provided you tag the file from the network folder, e.g. P:file.pdf, and not from the local folder, e.g. E:sharedfile.pdf.

Major bugfix in synchronization: you can now synchronize between a regular folder and a network folder. Previously it would crash. (One case where this is useful is when you have already tagged the files in some folder, and then you decide to share that folder with other PCs.)

Improved synchronization support: added button “resync now”. This is useful if you have a regular folder with tagged files, and you decide to turn it into a synchronized folder, with Dropbox or similar. See the video tutorial here.

Improved synchronization support: now if you move a tagged file into a synced folder, the tags of that file are applied to the corresponding file in the other folder. (Previously the tags were transferred only when you tag/untag, not when you move.)

Improved synchronization support: now if you rename/delete a tagged file in a synced folder, the corresponding file in the other folder is renamed/deleted in the database as well.

Fixed bug in the nag screen which causes Tabbles to hang. Sometimes if you open a Tabbles window and then quickly open the quick-tag dialog box, the nag scren appears under the quick-tag dialog, but it blocks it. So you can’t close the quick-tag and you can’t close the nag screen.

Fixed crash when clicking on disk icons corresponding to network drives.

Restyled the quick-tag dialog box and other dialogs.

Russian translation updated.

Fixed crash if you try to rename a file with Tabbles and you don’t have permissions to do that at the file-system level.

Bug fixed: if I create a tag on-the-fly, via the quick-tag dialog box, the tag would not show in the list.

Bug fixed: if you try to delete a synchronization groups of which you are not owner, give an error instead of failing silently.

Improvement in synchronization: you can now remove a folder from a synchronization group even if you are not the group owner, if the folder is reachable on your machine.

Crash fixed: when you delete a tag associated with an auto-tagging rule, the rule would be deleted in the database but still remain visible in the rules list dialog. This could lead to crashes.


Major new feature: support for synchronization programs, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Copy, PowerFolder, etc. What does this mean? Suppose you are using Dropbox to synchronize a folder from PC number one to PC number two. If you tag a file on pc number one, the corresponding file on pc number two is automatically tagged. So you don’t have to tag everything twice.

Fixed bugs when setting group members via the checkbox and using the text filter.

Fixed bug creating groups when you don’t have permission.

Fixed rare crash when Windows Clipboard is not ready.

Restyled several dialog boxes.

Fixed random crash when pc is getting out of sleep mode


Major bug fix: fixed a recurring Tabbles crash which did not show a crash dialog box.

Added an option to disable the Explorer overlay icons, as they are causing slowdowns on some systems (like RDP servers).

Fixed two bugs in the overlay handler, one of which can potentially slow down the system a lot.

Fixed possible crash in outlook plugin.

Completed Russian translation.


Due to popular request, we are now showing the “next page” button when you open a tabble with a lot of files, instead of truncating the list of files.

Some bugfixes in the outlook plugin.

Added an option not to write tags in metadata of office documents.

Fixed crash when trying to connect to the Cloud and there is a firewall blocking the connection, or other error.

Fixed crashes when using the quick-tag dialog box.


(internal release)


Tag internet address: when you paste the URL, the page title is automatically fetched, so you don’t have to type it. See video:

Other improvements related to tagging Internet addresses. (“Paste from clipboard” button, auto-focus the search box after pasting a bookmark; when you press CTRL+V in the main window, to paste an URL, the bookmark is created with the correct title.)

Fixed crashes which would occur when auto-tagging rules were triggered, in particular when clicking “add more tabbles” in the popup.

Fixed bug when dragging a file to the address bar. The file would be tagged with a wrong path, like C:C:something.

Fixed bug: if you open the DocumentsTabbles folder with explorer, you see the log files keep growing and growing.


New feature: share tag subtree: you can now share a tag and all its descendants in one go.

New feature: share all tags: you can now share all your tags in one go.

Fixed bug: if you move special tabbles, such as “Tagged”, “Is a folder”, or “Internet Address”, they would disappear from the side panel.

Fixed bug: “Cancel current task” does not remove the task from the window.

Removed annoying popups like “cannot tag this file completely” which would appear when using Microsoft Office.

Fixed: After you import users from Active Directory, the import button is disabled until you close and reopen the user dialog.


Attempt to fix slow start of the Outlook plugin in the presence of Exchange Server.


Major bug fixed: In Explorer, the blue balls over tagged files (overlay handlers), and the context-menu, were not showing, on all systems which did not already have the .net framework 4.5 installed.


Fixed rare crash when closing the tabble properties dialog. The installer now installs .Net Framework 4.5.


Crash fixed: the import of users from Active Directory had stopped working. Now it is working again. Sometimes, when working with docx files, you would see annoying (and wrong) popups saying “this is an invalid pdf”. Now they’re gone. Several crashes fixed when the Sql Server is temporarily not reachable in some rare situations (creating a user or creating the database). Fixed other rare crashes, e.g. when importing a database from Xml.


Crash fixed: export database to xml crashes if you have dragged a tag that you own into a tag you do not own (shared with you).


Improved logic for shared tags: if the supervisor shares a parent tag and its children tags, subordinate users now see children tags inside the parent tag, by default. (if they then drag the children, they can still create a different hierarchy.) . Previously, subordinate users would see children tags toplevel instead. Users control panel: implemented button to select and deselect all users.


Bug fixed: The overlay handler in explorer (the blue ball beside tagged files) had stopped showing in version 3.0.34, on systems that had other overlay handlers installed.


Major bug fixed: The “run as administrator” feature in Windows had stopped working. Now it works again. The explorer context menu (which shows when you right click a file in Explorer) is now more visually integrated with the other menu options.


Major bug fixed: you could not run all rules on an entire drive. The “Auto-tag with rules” feature would not work if applied to a root folder (like C:).


Major bug fixed: you cannot put a shared tag which you do not own inside another shared tag which you do not own. This way, you can’t create a correct tag structure with shared tags. Bug fixed: when I share a parent tag and a child tag with some user U2, user U2 sees a small arrow beside the parent tag, even though he sees the child tag at toplevel, not inside the parent tag. Crash fixed: if I share a tag with user U2, and user U2 puts it into another non-shared tag, and then I unshare the first tag, and then U2 logs in, Tabbles crashes.


Fixed crash when working with Office 2003 documents Fixed two rare crashes when Sql Server is not responding. Fixed crash renaming files with Explorer on a disk not recognized by Tabbles (such as a tablet). Fixed crash renaming files when source filename (or path) is invalid.


New feature: Very compact view mode. Similar to Windows Explorer’s “List view”. The file icons are very small and the file names don’t wrap. Major bug fixes: tabbles would sometimes freeze without crashing (deadlocks). Fixed “error connecting to the database” at windows startup. Now Tabbles waits for Sql Server to start, instead of giving that error. Fixed many crashes when working with .xlsx and .docx files. Fixed freeze when importing users from Active Directory.


Fixed crash that sometimes happens when you haven’t registered Tabbles: “cannot set owner for”. (The bug was in the nag screen logic.) Fixed crash when working with Office 2003 documents. Fixed crash when trying to import invalid zipped xml database.


Major bug fix: Outlook: on some systems, when tagging an email with Outlook with tags A and B, a spurious tag called “A, B” would be created in Tabbles. Outlook: you can now abort the sync operation. Outlook: the sync operation shows a detailed progress.


Major bug fix: Fixed a crash importing the legacy database from Tabbles 2.X


Major performance fix: Tabbles would take 50% cpu on some systems. fixed error when registering for Cloud. Error message “cannot unscramble password”. fixed crash moving file with Explorer to and from network drive with no letter assigned. fixed some more crashes


fixed crash if you try to create user and sql server is not responsive. If internet goes down, or the connection to sql server goes down, do not show continuous error popups. fixed crash when Windows Clipboard is not available. fixed rare crash when some Xml gets corrupted.


fixed another crash in the presence of proxy server. some minor graphic improvement in submenu of combinable subtabbles.


Fixed major bug which prevented successful upgrade from Tabbles 2.4.X.


Fixed rare crash dragging a folder to favorites. Fixed crash in the presence of proxy server.


Russian translation updated. Fixed crash writing to some Office documents, which could also prevent the import of old database from Tabbles 2.4.X. 3.0.20 fixed major bug: cannot delete url or email. fixed crash when log file locked by some other application. fixed crash when you have a folder open in tabbles and you quickly move a file before the tabbles below a file have appeared.


major new feature: you can now search among files on disconnected drives. If you try to open a file on a disconnected drive, tabbles tells you what disk you need to attach. fixed crash pressing CTRL+v with an internet address in the clipboard. fixed crash when using a “subst disk”.


Russian traslation.


minor bug fixes


fixed crash opening the windows context-menu on a file. fixed crash double clicking a file extension tabble on some system.


fixed rare crash creating user. fixed rare crash opening the quick-tag dialog.


fixed another crash at startup in the presence of home folder mapped on network drive.


fixed crash at startup in the presence of home folder mapped on network drive.


fixed crash when attaching some disks.


fixed one crash in unspecified situation, reported by users.


fixed crash when doing safe device removal multiple times. fixed crash if you tag an Office document to which you don’t have write access. fixed crash when creating a new user and Sql Server is not responsive.


fixed some crashes


Do not crash when you have an unmounted network drive, and, from explorer, you choose tag-with-tabbles.


fixed crash when Sql Server times out.


fixed crash opening new window.


minor bug fixes.


Fixed bug in the Outlook “sync” feature (import all emails with tags into Tabbles) which wasn’t working for someone.

The Tabbles client can now auto-update itself when a new Tabbles version is released.
Improved Outlook icons and Explorer overlay icons.


This is a total rewrite of Tabbles, which adds major new features aimed at corporate environments: 1) we are now using Sql Server for storing our tagging data. This allows collaborative tagging, and the sharing of tagged files, across large enterprise networks. Now, when you tag something, your collaborators instantly see the new tagged files, and can change the tags applied by someone else (provided they have permission to do so). Tabbles is compatible with Sql Server 2008 or above. Sql Express (the free version) works just fine. 2) Outlook integration: you can now tag Outlook emails with Tabbles, and search among emails by combining tags with a few mouse click, via Tabbles’ easy to use interface. 3) Metadata: tags are now also written inside office documents, as metadata. This is useful in order not to lose tags when a document is sent via email, modified by a collaborator, and sent back via email. 4) Explorer integration: finally, if you move or rename a file with the Windows File Explorer, the tags are not lost. 5) Explorer integration: in File Explorer, you see an overlay icon (a small ball) beside tagged files. 6) User management: the Tabbles administrator has a control panel in which he can create users and determine whether they can tag, untag, share tags, and so on. This can be specified at the user level or at the tag level. He can also specify what tags are available to users, and enforce a consistent tag structure and policies across the whole enterprise. 7) Active directory integration: the administrator is not forced to create his users manually, but can import users from an existing active directory environment. He can also import a subset of the AD users, with an easy to use GUI. There are many more improvements, including user interface speed and smoothness. Beta status: We think we achieved good stability but we are still calling it “beta” because a few crashes will inevitably arise on a few machines different from our development machines. Tabbles Cloud: this is an experimental feature, which is not meant for daily use. It is a version of Tabbles which spares you from having to install Sql Server, and runs on our remote server. This is much slower and frequently hangs, so please consider this only as a demo of Tabbles, which is easy for you to try. In the future, we plan on making the Tabbles Cloud option usable.
Version 2.0.4
7 bugs fixed – Added Greek language. – When you drag N folders on a tabble, when the dialog appears asking you what you want to do, you need to be able to say “do the same thing for all other folders I dragged”, not “do the same thing forever”. – Added tasks in the windows 7 tasklist . you can now show the quick-tag dialog or exit tabbles by clicking in the taskbar icon, not in the tray icon. – Learnability: now you only get a confirmation dialog when you try to delete normal tabbles. (reason: the confirmation message did not make sense for other kinds of tabbles, and there was no need for a confirmation for those tabbles). – Now showing the folder menu when right-clicking in the background. – “Create shortcut” now creates a shortcut whose name is just the folder name, not the full path. – Minor usability: if you drag a folder on the “favorites” special tabble, automatically create a shortcut, instead of showing the disambiguation dialog.
Version 2.0.3
– The history menu is faster, now also contains folders and coworkers tabbles – Added progress dialog when doing backup of the database and when restoring a database. – Autostart by default – Korean language added (there is the manual too!) – Several bugs/crashes fixed
Version 2.0.0: tabble-sharing and free-for-personal-use
– Released tabble-sharing: now it’s not in beta anymore! – Release free-for-personal use version: unlimited file tagging and up to 1000 files with tabble-sharing – The old Business license (T04) have been upgraded to Corporate 🙂 – fixed bug: “remove shadow files in this tabble” actually removes all files from the tabble. – various minor bugs fixed
Version 1.5.36
New feature: Drive “Whitelist” for auto-tagging rules. Menu: options > auto-tagging rules > locations that trigger auto-tagging rules. The possibility to exclude paths like “machinefolder” was removed. – Fixed link to user manual – Fixed “AccessViolationException” crash in Windows XP
Version 1.5.35 – more bug fiiiiiiixing!!!!
– Added the possibility to share tabbles children along with their father (from the tree) – Fixed an HIDEOUS bug causing crashes on Windows XP – The little triangle in the left tree now behaves as it should also with the sharing enabled – Fixed crash related to license and nag screen
Version 1.5.34 – bug fiiiiiiixing!!!!
– fixed crash when powerFolder removes shared directory – fixed crash when shared drive goes down – fixed crash trying to load a corrupted zipped xml – when a shared folder is disconnected, the sharing dialog takes too long to appear
Version 1.5.32
– A little big improvement (for tabble sharing): to decrease cpu time, avoid loading a file in a shared folder if it has not changed date since the last time it was loaded. – When you update you’ll not be required to reboot anymore! Yeah!
Version 1.5.30
– New handling of calls to kernel32.dll (this should fix some random crashes) – Introduced “debug mode” for kernel32 crashes (check “Debug mode” in the manual)
Version 1.5.28/29
– Fixed a bucket of bugs. – Fixed an issue with config.xml
Version 1.5.25
– When clicking delete on a shadow file it gets untagged completely. – Tabbles sharing: smarter auto-refresh of file panel. – Improved file paging system. – Many bugs/crashes fixed. …we’ve been polishing up like crazy and now it’s nearly point-release time 🙂
Version 1.5.22
Fixed an ugly crash happening (sometimes) when you deleted a tabble
Version 1.5.21
Major installation problem fixed: now installing the .net framework 4.0 as wells as the 3.5sp1. Previously the installer was not installing the 3.5sp1, which caused the shell extension not to work on machines that didn’t have the 3.5sp1 installed. Bug fixed: the first_time wizard, if you enter a serial number, tells you that tabbles is registered, but it is actually not registered, which is very confusing.
Version 1.5.20
Major improvement with the search box: it now works as expected also in the Workspace Introduced status icons (top right of the window) – make it more apparent that there are tagging changes not yet transferred to other clients – added icon in status bar to remind you that you disabled one click tagging popups – put an icon in the status bar to tell you that tabble sharing has yet to be enabled (i.e. tabble is reading coworkers’ dbs). Blinking. It also appears when you have clicked “synchronize now” Better handling of license violations. Tabbles should not disable tabble sharing, but should ignore dbs from the violator. Improved tabble sharing dialogs Fixed crash occurring when exported dbs (zip) are corrupted
Version 1.5.19
Fixed a bug related to tabble sharing and another one related to auto-tagging rules.
Version 1.5.18
Fixed crash at shutdown
Version 1.5.14
Rev6: Major bug fixed: sometimes when you open a big tabble, the sorting of the files takes a lot of time and cannot be interrupted. Dramatically improved Shadow file maintanance system: added menu option “display all shadow-files in this folder/disk”. you can use it as follows: right-click on folder ->  more -> display all shadow files in this folder/disk. Manual db update wizard is now quicker. Many db operation with progress bars are now much quicker. File sorting speed up using the “mapbreak trick”. Rev2: Alt +c: works better than before – just press Alt + C at anytime to make the “Quick Open” appear. If nothing matches what you type Tabbles will tell you. Plus a crash was fixed – Improvement in tabbles sharing: database merging is now faster due to an algorythm change. – The History works now fine when tabble sharing is enabled.
Version 1.5.13
Note: for some reason we couldn’t digitally sign this build… but if you get it from our site it should be fine 🙂 – The “Quick” window opens now faster. – In the auto-tagging rules dialog, you can now double click a rule to edit it and if you delete a rule by mistake, you can now undo the deletion – You can now tag/untag from the “Quick” windows using the dropdown menu in the “Tag” button as requested here. – Show a trasparent tabble (under or next to the file) if the file was tagged on a different machine. – Fixed a number of crashes and bugs (as usual)
Version 1.5.12
New in 1.5.12 rev7: New alt+c global shortcut, opens the Quick Open window (it works also when Tabbles is in the tray!) – Placed several shortcuts to the relevant manual chapters in the software. – Fixed bug causing Tabbles to freeze when disconnecting a network drive – Fixed maaaaaaany bugs relevant to tabble sharing: address translation, disconnected network drives, auto-sync’ing on changes, misc folder permissions stuff, existing/non existing folder…and moooooore New in 1.5.12 rev3: –fixed bug causing Tabbles to freeze when disconnecting a network drive or when starting Tabbles with a disconnected network drive, – Drives excluded with are visible in the main body too. New in 1.5.12 rev2: Bug for illegal characters (Netdrive): if you try to browse/access (with Tabbles) a disk mapped with Netdrive on an FTP, and there are files containing characters which are illegal in Windows but allowed in Unix/Linux (such as “:”), Tabbles will crash miserably. – Uninstaller/updater: now when uninstalling you won’t see the “why are you uninstalling” webpage anymore (you’ll see it only uninstalling from the “Uninstall Tabbles shortcut”) New in 1.5.12: Info on disconnected drive w/ tabble sharing: when sharing one or more tabbles on a disconnected network drive, an orange pop-up will show you which tabbles have been share there. – fixed crash “log.txt locked by other process”
Version 1.5.11
New in 1.5.11 rev3: major bug fixed: auto-tagging rules do not work  in the root folder of network drives. For example, if you create a file in P:  or W:, the auto-tagging popup is not shown. Feature: you can now disable rules on paths of the kind  sharefolderfoobar. Check the wiki. The feature was requested here. ————- New in 1.5.11: Feature “Convert to local tabble”: this allows you to semi-automatically create tabbles which you see as “transparent” (as they’re in another db) – on a tabble, right click > Convert to local tabble. This works recursively for children-tabbles (if you convert a tabble that has childrens, the childrens will be converted too) – Portuguese language (still needs some work though) – A bunch of stuff relative to how different licenses behave with the shared-tabbles – A few bugs fixed
Version 1.5.10
Bug fixed: the shared menu is visible again. New in 1.5.10: – improved “database update wizard” – more bug fixes
Version 1.5.9
New in 1.5.9: – Polish language – Wake-up from stand-by should work fine Shared-tabbles: – When sharing is off, external DBs are hidden – Tabbles window now refreshes when adding input folder – If you unshare all the tabbles in a folder, the local DB is removed Bugs fixed: “bg9uigks”, “icon_of_path”, crash on rename, “chinese icon” and many more… …and much mooooore that we don’t write we don’t want you to fall asleep!!! 😀
Version 1.5.6 -> 1.5.8 (silent updates)
Many bugs fixed: (you don’t wanna read about those, we promise)
Version 1.5.5: major bug fix release.
Major bug fixed: when attaching a removable drive, Tabbles would not be able to detect file operations until rebooted. So auto-tagging rules would not work. Bug fixed: in the workspace, drag some files on a tabble in the main body (not inthe side panel). The tabble disappears. Implemented “copy path to clipboard” action in one-click-tagging popups. To enable: options > popups > configure one-click-tagging popups > copy file path to clipboard. Then, each time a rule is matched, in the popup you will see a link “copy path to clipboard”. In the search field, if you type some text and then press CTRL+enter, Tabbles searches that text among all indexed files (instead of among the files in the currently open tabbles). This is equivalent to clicking “search in all files”. Fixed malfunctionings if you have multiple databases in the Databases folder.
Version 1.5.4
Major bug fixed: it is impossible to delete a tabble. bug fixed: if you rename a file while in a folder, the new file appears but the old file does not disappear. One-click-tagging popups are now fewer and less intrusive. Some minor crashes fixed.
Version 1.5.3: a bunch of (not so) small improvements

    • IMPORTANT – you may need to re-enter your serial number: our deepest apologies on this one… this is due to a library change and will not happen again! Also make sure you already have a v2 serial number, if you don’t please write us at the sales address.
    • Less memory and faster startup time: this is partly due to switching to the .net framework 4. Another effect of the framework 4 is the improvement in the font rendering.
    • New list like view mode: there is now a new view-mode that shows the file-names completely.
    • Tree-like children-tabbles menu: it helps to look into a tabble and combine its children .
    • High-res icons: only on Vista and Win 7

The rest of change-log is on our forum in the post regarding the 1.5.3 beta.

Version 1.5.2 – new serial numbers, write us at sales.

    • IMPORTANT – new serial numbers (v2): everyone out there who has bought/received a license from us before February 2010 (and have a serial v1), please write us at the sales address (just write your name) we’ll send you a new serial in no-time! The old (v1) serial number looks like: 1-23T02-123456-7-890 The new (v2) one looks like: 1-T02-123456-1-1234567890123456789012345678901234567890 (if you have a v2 serial then forget about this, you’re fine already)
    • Tabbles Portable edition launched: Tabbles Portable is meant to be run from a removable drive such as a USB drive. More info here.
    • improved auto-tagging rules: you can now match a pattern in the file path (as opposed to the file name), only match the whole word, you can now use regular expressions to define complex patterns to match.A reference with the syntax of regular expressions can be found here:
    • Added a menu option “run rules now” to apply rules to existing files – from Tools > Run rules now.
    • bug fixed in auto-tagging rules: the “not” pattern was not working
    • Minor optimization: the rule list is faster to build and more responsive.
    • minor bug fixed: Sometimes, when you press CTRL while the search box has focus, the file window would redraw without reason.
    • Other minor bugs fixed.
Version 1.5.1

    • Major optimization: Tabbles is now smoother and faster due to a rewritten threading system. Various random “hiccups”, slowdowns and hangs are now gone.
    • Auto-tagging rules improved: you can now create “negative rules” on file names, i.e. “if the file name contains ‘mike’ but it does not contain ‘jerry’ then apply tabble ‘mike’ “.
    • In the text search field, you can now exclude files matching a given pattern by using the “minus” sign as a prefix. Example: “jack, -black” finds all files whose name contains “jack” but does not contain “black”.
    • bug fixed: when moving an HTML file created with Internet Explorer with an associated _files folder, Tabbles now correctly moves the folder along with the HTML file, even if the system language is not english, and the folder suffix is different from _files (e.g. -Dateien for german systems).
    • bug fixed: when dragging tabbles to and away from the side panel, some tabbles would loose their highlight effect on mouseover.
    • You can now remove special folders (such as desktop and documents) from the favorites.
    • The history menu now appears instantly. Previously there was a small delay.
    • Added a shortcut (ALT+T) to display recently tagged files
Version 1.5.0

    • When you move files, their tags are now always preserved. Previously, the tag transfer would often fail, making the whole feature useless. Now it is 100% reliable. (Important: this only holds when you move files with Tabbles.)
    • Tabbles is now much less resource-intensive, due to a much lighter file-system-watching engine.
    • Major bug fixed: when overwriting a file with third party programs (such as Adobe Photoshop), the files’ tags are lost. This is now fixed.
    • Major bug fixed: when a third party program (such as Adobe Photoshop) silently creates a backup copy of a file, the files’ tags are lost. This is now fixed.
    • Added a menu option to temporarily disable all one-click tagging popups. This is useful if you are performing an activity where one-click tagging popups are disturbing, and you don’t want to turn off popups individually for each auto-tagging rule.
    • Minor feature: when you use the auto-tagging feature, the history window now only shows files which increased their tabbles.
    • New feature: you can now tag files or URL via command line. This is useful for third-party applications that wish to connect to Tabbles.
    • New feature: when searching for a file, you can now perform an AND between text patterns. For example, if, in the search box, you type “jack, sparrow”, all files whose name contains both “jack” and “sparrow”, in any order, will be found.
    • New feature: you can now configure the duration of popups.
    • New feature: you can now remove a program from the list of programs which can manage a given file type.
    • New feature: added a “close all but this” verb in the tabble context-menu that appears when you right-click on an open tabble.
    • New feature: when you move an html or htm file created by Internet Explorer, which is associated to a XXX_files folder, the folder will be moved together with the html file.
    • Major bug fixed: Sometimes tabbles would become very slow (i.e. start doing 1 frame every 4 seconds or so) and would not recover until killed.
    • Fixed crash when there is a blank DVD in the DVD drive.
    • Fixed crash when you try to select adjacent files with SHIFT and you are not in the first page of the file window.
    • When creating a tabble, you can now create an auto-tagging rule on filenames for that tabble.
    • Several other bugs and crashes fixed.
Version 1.4.9 – (not so) minor update – discuss

    • The uninstall shortcut in the start menu:  (a big step for us, a small step for humanity 😀 )
    • the “+” next to combinable tabbles: both in the body and in the tree (in the tree it replaces the circles). The “+” in the body was needed to separate the children-tabbles from the truly combinable once
    • improved FileSystemWatcher functions: Tabbles performs better in tracking file movements (i.e. you can move a big file such as a movie and Tabbles will understand it).
    • Small GUI improvements: white background, nicer tool/menu bar
    • Tons of bug fixes: including the bugs related to the upgrade issues.

Note: you need to uninstall the previous version to install this update! We apologize but it’s a needed change in order to make sure Tabbles is installed correctly. One day we’ll give up using Windows installer…we promise!

Version 1.4.5 – the “BIG Release”

    • Totally redesigned won’t recognize Tabbles, but we’re sure you’ll like it even more! Tabbles looks now like a familiar file-manager, or like an email client. There is a brand-new tabble tree on the left side which is full of surprises. The who application should now be secretary-proof 😀
    • Hierarchical can now put tabbles into each other, as you do with folders.
    • Re-vamped search searches now among all the files, tabbles and fodlers that have been categorized in Tabbles.
    • File management functions: copy&paste, also between windows explorer and Tabbles.
    • Untagging: now improved by pre-filling the sensible tabbles in the un-tag window.
    • A looooot of speed-ups and improvements here and there.
    • Even more bugs fixed
Version 1.4.0

    • List mode int main window:. the tabbles in the main window are now by default visualized in a list-like fashion. The ZUI (Zooming/Panning interface) is still available can be enabled from the Options menu.
    • More visualization options in the file window:. scrollbar in the file window, thumbnail vs file icon, mini-tabble, grouping the tabbles per letter in the combinable tabbles list.
    • Re-written auto-tagging rule engine: it should be now more reliable and use fewer resources when files are auto-tagged or moved around.
    • The file windows doesn’t get redrawn each time a tagging operation is performed.
    • Many minor fixes
Version 1.3.x

    • Major new feature: auto-tagging rules. (also explained here). You can now tell Tabbles to automatically tag a file when certain conditions are met. For example, you can give Tabbles the instruction: “when a file is created in folder F, automatically tag the file with tabble T” ; “when a file is created whose name contains ‘jack’ and ‘black’, automatically tag the file with tabble ‘Jack Black’ ” ; “when a file is created whose extension is .docx, automatically tag the file with tabble Documents”
    • Major new feature: one-click tagging. You can now tell Tabbles to show a popup which allows you to tag a file with one click, when a file is created which matches some conditions. For example, you can give Tabbles the instruction: “when a file is created in folder F, show a popup which allows me to tag the file with one click” ; “when a file is created whose file type is “.docx”, show a popup which allows me to tag the file with one click”. This is useful because, when you create a file with some application’s “save as” function, or you download a file with your browser, often the file immediately disappears from your view, so, in order to tag it, you have to navigate the filesystem with Explorer or Tabbles until you locate that file again. With one-click tagging, you don’t need to navigate the filesystem anymore: you just click on the popup and the quick-tag window appears.
    • When you tag or untag a folder, a dialog now asks you what you want to do: tag the folder; tag the folder and all its content (recursively); create an auto-tagging rule.
    • The quick-tag and quick-open dialogs now show the tabbles which are already attached to the selected files.
    • Recursive untagging of folders is now possible.
    • You can now untag a file or folder by dragging one of its tabbles away.
    • The Explorer shell extension has two new options: locate the file in Tabbles, open the folder in Tabbles.
    • Added an option to start Tabbles automatically when you log in.
Version 1.2.0 – (massive!)

    • Major new feature: explorer integration. In Windows Explorer, you can right-click a file (or several files) and choose “categorize with Tabbles” in Explorer’s context menu. Then, a Tabbles window will pop up asking you what tabbles to attach the given file(s) to.
    • Major new feature: windowed layout. Opening a tabble now shows its files in a new window. This means you can keep many tabbles (or combinations of tabbles) open at the same time.
    • Massive graphics redesign. A traditional menu bar was added.
    • You can now drag & drop files out of Tabbles and onto other applications (e.g. to add a music file to a playlist).
    • Many other drag & drops improvements. Now you can drag: tabbles onto files, files onto tabbles, tabbles onto the suggested tabbles list, tabbles from the suggested tabbles onto the open tabbles list; filelist s from the file window onto a tabble which lies on the desktop. Files from explorer into the file window.
    • You can now toggle between two mouse modes which give a different meaning to pressing the left mouse button in the void: 1) left mouse button scrolls, 2) left mouse button draws a selection rectangle.


Smaller improvements


    • In the file window, you can now select adjacent files by shift-clicking, as you do in Explorer.
    • Right-clicking in the void in Tabbles’ main window now activates a context-menu.
    • In the quick-open and quick-categorize dialogs, you can now open a menu which applies to all selected tabbles.
    • Added hints that appear while you dragging files and tabbles, and before you release the mouse button. These hints explain what would happen if you were to release a file or a tabble on any given object.
    • Info messages now always appear on top of other Windows. Previously, if you had the Explorer WIndow on top of the Tabbles window (or if you had Tabbles replace the desktop), and you dragged a file from Explorer onto Tabbles, the popup message would sometimes not be visible, being hidden by the Explorer Window.
    • You can now easily make many tabbles visible in the main window. Open the quick-open dialog (shortcut ALT+c), select the tabbles you wish to make visible in the main window, click the menu button, in the dropdown click “properties”, then check “visible in the main window”.
    • You can now double click tabbles in “compact file view”. Previosly you could only do that in the normal file view (the one where tabbles are presented around the file.)
    • Tabbles can now replace the Windows desktop. To enable the feature, choose “View -> replace Windows desktop” . (Note that the feature is not yet very useful because you cannot put files on Tabbles’ desktop yet.)
    • A new “Manual DB doctor” tool is available. With it you can give Tabbles a command whose meaning is: “In Tabbles’ database, find each path which matches with X-Z, and replace it with Y-Z”. This is useful if you have moved many files while Tabbles wasn’t running. It enables you to update many internal links at the same time.
    • The mouse wheel now works in the quick-open and quick-categorize dialogs.
    • You can now right-click tabbles in the quick_open and quick_categorize dialog boxes.
    • The quick_open and quick_categorize dialog boxes can now be resized and remember their size.
    • Tabbles now remembers the window size and position at startup.
    • Simplified the tabbles menu, hiding elements which make no sense in the current context.
    • Usability: when you go to parent folder, the folder you are coming from is now highlighted.
    • More languages were added. Tabbles is now translated in Italian, German, Russian, and Dutch.
    • Improved the startup sequence: the main window does not jump around while loading, and you don’t see its content while it is being initialized.
    • The default databases were simplified.
    • After rearranging tabbles, the camera now automatically adjusts in a sensible way .
    • You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll in the file window.
    • Updated the user manual.
    • Merged the dialogs “colors and wallpaper” and “text special effects”.


Bugs fixed
    • Fixed bug which prevented safe removable of removable disks at first attempt. (you had to try safe-device-removal twice)
    • Fixed bug: when creating a tabble on-the-fly in a quick-open or quick-categorize dialog boxes, Tabbles would give an error.
    • The “select all files” menu command now works once again.
    • Fixed bug: if you have disconnected network drives, tabbles hangs for many seconds, both at startup an when inserting a new device. However, having disconnected network drives is still very discouraged, because this can hang the user interface while browsing the file window.
    • Sometimes, when left-clicking the desktop to deselect all tabbles, tabbles were not deselected. (drag tolerance bug)
    • Fixed bug when sorting tabbles by recent opening time in ground floor. if a tabble appeared in a combination, its usage time was not updated, so it would not appear on top.
    • Crash fixed: if I moved a big folder from one drive to another, and in the meantime I tried to browse files via the Tabbles file panel, Tabbles would crash.
    • Fixed a few scrolling problems and graphic glitches when dragging selection rectangles or tabbles and the mouse leaves the main window.
    • Many smaller fixes were made.


Version 1.1.7

    • Arrange tabbles feature: you can now arrange tabbles automatically in many different layouts. This allows you to easily find the tabbles you need by eyeballing.
    • Completely revamped quick-open dialog box and quick-link dialog box: you can arrange tabbles in many different ways. This allows you to find the tabbles you need without typing its first letter (previously, the quick-open dialog box was meant to be used primarily by typing).
    • You can now edit tabble colors.
    • You can now assign name to tabble colors. (Assigning a name to a color is useful to later group tabbles by color name.)
    • improved the engine which shows popup info messages: many messages can now appear at the same time without overlapping each other.
    • The quick-open dialog-box is now more responsive, allowing you to compose queries more quickly.
    • updated german translation
    • the “show text in toolbar buttons” menu option wasn’t hiding all the text, so it wasn’t really useful to save screen space.

Version 1.1.6


    • Due to popular request, a tabble alignment feature was added. You can choose two alignment modes:auto-alignment, where tabbles are aligned automatically after each drag; andmanual alignment, where tabbles are aligned when you press ALT+q. Auto-alignment is enabled by default. You can find the new alignment functions in the “misc” menu.
    • You can now delete tabble colors even if they are being used by some tabbles. This way it is much easier to reduce the number of colors. (And, due to the recent changes, you are likely to have many more colors than you want.)
    • The “quick-open tabble” dialog was slightly modified. Now, in the left panel, tabbles are sorted alphabetically and grouped by first letter. (Previously they were grouped by color.)

Version 1.1.5


    • We made a major simplification which should make Tabbles easier to understand. Previously we had three logical levels: 1) files; 2) tabbles (which are sets of files); 3) categories (which are sets of tabbles). This seemed too complicated and confusing (new users had trouble distinguishing tabbles from categories). Now we have only two logical levels: files and tabbles. Categories are gone.
    • Of course, if you want to create visual groups of tabbles, you can still do it, in at least two ways: a) you can drag the tabbles around with the mouse, arranging them in clusters of whatever shape you desire (possibly replicating the same arrangement you had with categories); or b) you can assign different colors to tabbles, so different kinds of tabbles will leap to the eye.

Version 1.1.4


    • bug fixed in disk watcher: previously, if you moved a big file across-disk, and the operation took more than 5 mins, Tabbles would loose the categorization for that file. This is now fixed.
    • Speed improvement: if you had applications (such as antivirus) running which continually create files on the disk, Tabbles would slow down. This is now fixed.
    • Tabbles is now localized in two more languages: German and Dutch. (The translation is still experimental.)
    • Tabbles is now a single instance application (meaning you cannot start Tabbles twice by mistake, and risk currupting the database).
    • Simplified the default databases. They now contain fewer files.
    • (1.1.4 revision 2): the installer should now start on more computers. If Tabbles installation did not work for you, you may want to try again.
    • (1.1.4 revision 2): fixed crash when you rename a tabble and the choose the old tabble in the recent popup menu.

Version 1.1.3


    • Simplified the user interface.As a result, Tabbles is now faster and smoother.
    • Fixed crash when user tries to register after evaluation time is expired.
    • Fixed categorization bug: if you deleted a file with Explorer, Tabbles would not remove the file from the database, but instead would keep showing it as a shadow-file.
    • Fixed categorization bug: if you saved a file with Word, the file would loose its tabbles, and a .tmp file (created by Word) would acquire those tabbles.
    • Fixed crash when pressing the page-up button in the file panel after performing an operation which had emptied the file panel.
    • The engine to watch disks forchanges to files and update tabbles accordingly was completely rewritten.
    • Thumbnail generation is faster.

Version 1.1.2


    • fixed crash at startup which happened for several users with network drives.
    • fixed bug where a “no disk” dialog box would appear repeatedly at startup, requiring the user to click “continue” multiple times. This was happening for systems with special drives such as USB card readers.
    • Fixed bug which made Tabbles crash at startup if you are not administrator.
    • Fixed bug which prevented users to perform “safe device removal” of USB drives.
    • Fixed crash when DB autosaving starts while a file move is taking place. (fixed race condition in database)
    • fixed crash when clicking on a folder-tabble whose associated folder does not exist anymore and then choosing some commands from the tabble context menu.
    • Speedup: db autosaving now does not freeze the UI for half a second.
    • Autosaving now happens every 3 minutes.
    • Fixed crash when trying to delete files which were open in some other application.
    • Fixed bug which prevented Tabbles to start on Turkish Windows systems.
    • Fixed long delay at startup if you have disconnected network drives;
    • fixed crash that happened when opening the context-menu of some file types.
    • Some minor crashes.

Version 1.1.1


    • Bug fixed: create a file, quickly categorize it with Tabbles, then quickly move it to another folder with Windows Explorer. Tabbles will not update the files’ tabbles to point at the new location.

Version 1.1.0


    • New collaborate feature: you can export tagged files in a zip archive. If you then send the archive to your colleagues, they will import the files, together with the tabbles you gave them.
    • Tabbles now has three editions: Home, Student, Business.
    • Tabbles now shows the correct icons (i.e. icons as they appear in Windows) for all files, folders, and links.
    • New installer technology: the installer, before installing, now closes Tabbles if it is running.
    • New installer technology: the installer now uninstalls the previously installed version before installing. (only if the previous version is >= 1.1.0)
    • Crash fixed: if you change the file view mode while the file panel is still being redrawn.
    • bug fixed: the ‘download new version’ window would close when you click on the “view change log” button.
    • crash fixed: Tabbles would crash on some system when opening the tabble menu.
    • bug fixed in tabble selection in spatial mode.

Version: 1.0.24


    • Tabbles is now digitally signed with Authenticode.
    • New major feature: allow to subtract a Tabble from the results. For example “show all files in tabble ‘pictures’ but not in tabble ‘flowers'”. How to use it: first open a tabble, then right-click another tabble and choose “Subtract this tabble from the results”.
    • Requested by user: when you create a tabble from the file level, do not go down to the ground level to highlight the tabble.
    • bug fixed: when you move a big file from one disk to another, and the file takes more than one minute to move, Tabbles does not update the categorization to point at the new file.
    • minor fix: after you remove a shadow-file from the database, the file panel is redrawn but still shows the shadow-file.




    • Fixed major bug: Tabbles crashes when opening the first tabble, when Tabbles has just been installed (not upgraded).
    • tooltips for files and tabbles appear in more sensible locations. In particular, file tooltips do not overlap the tabbles of the file anymore.
    • added tooltip ballon when Tabbles is reduced to tray, explaining how to close Tabbles.
    • Tabbles now shows a confirmation dialog on shutdown, explaining that, once closed, Tabbles will not be able to monitor disks for changes.



    • major new feature: Explorer context menu. Right-click a file, and select “Explorer menu”.
    • improved algo to position new tabbles in spatial mode
    • new feature requested by user: “unlink this tabble from this file”
    • bug fixes



    • filesystem monitoring now works for network drives too.
    • when I add a new drive, it is not necessary to restart Tabbles in order for Tabbles to watch for changes on that drive.
    • bug fixed: when I change the sort mode of the file panel, I don’t see any change.
    • bug fixed: when I unlink some files from tabbles, when the file panel is refreshed the unlinked files remain in the view.
    • other bugs fixed and performance improvements.



    • major new feature: file system monitoring. You can now move files and folders with Explorer, and Tabbles will update its links, so the categorization for those files will not be lost.
    • Bugfixes.