Tabbles training videos

New to Tabbles? Start here! Have a look at the first two videos to understand how auto-tagging works, and go on with the rest of the videos to have an idea about how the Tabbles interface works.

Step 1: Auto-Create tags wizard

Using this feature, one tag per folder will be automatically created and all the content of each folder will be tag with each correspondent tag. This saves you from the burden of having to create tags manually, for your existing folder structure.

Step 2: Auto tagging files based on their content

Create a auto-tagging rules that will read into the files’ content and tag them automatically. Learn how to create the rule and to run on a drive or folder: with a few of those rules you can get most of your important files tagged automatically (both the existing files and the files you’ll create in the future). You can use this feature for data-mining as well, to find information hidden into files and folders, also using regular expressions or pre-defined rules.

Basic intro: Tagging and finding files with Tabbles (playlist)

Tabbles intro: basic file-tagging and Combine

Tabbles video, tagging files
Tabbles in 2 minutes: what is a tabble, how to tag files, browse them and collaborate.
Create a tabble (part 1)
create tag and virtual folderGet started here! A tabble is tag and a virtual folder at the same time: you need to create one before you put stuff into it…find out how in the video
tag files and foldersFind out some other ways to tag files and manage documents: by copy’n’paste, drag’n’drop inside Tabbles and more.
Navigating documents and tabbles
browse tags and virtual foldersFind how to browse through tabbles, how to find your documents and files and how to use the Combine function. By combining two (or more) tabbles, you can see all the files and folders tagged with both the tabbles.
Create a tabble (part 2)
Create file tags An extension tabble is a special tabble that is applied automatically to each file/document of a certain type (e.g.: doc, .pdf etc.). Find out how to create one, and more.
One-click tagging
auto tagging filesThis exclusive feature allows you get a pop-up each time a file/document is created that matches user-defined rules and to tag it super-quickly. You can create a rule for the pop-up by “Options > auto-tagging rules > New” Remember to rename the file using Tabbles after you tag it!
Moving files with Tabbles
moving files in tagsTabbles has most of the features common to file managers. You can cut/copy/paste/move/delete/rename files using Tabbles. Remember to move files using Tabbles in order for them to keep their tagging!
Browser integration
tagging websitesYou can tag websites directly from your browser using the Tabbles bookmarklet. Learn how to setup it up, how to tag websites and how to open them from Tabbles.
Auto-tagging rules (folders)
automatical taggingThis exclusive features allows you to create rules in order to automatically tag the content of a folder. As you create files or move that into that folder, they will be automatically tagged. Find out how to create an auto-tagging rule – remember you can create a rule also by “Options > auto-tagging rules > New”
Auto-tagging rules (file-names)
auto tag based on rulesYou can also create an auto-tagging rule based on file/folder name. As a file with that name is created, Tabbles automatically tags that file consequently. Find out how to create an auto-tagging rule for file/folder name.
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