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Resellers and Affiliates

Tabbles is a highly innovative product, packed with ground-breaking functionalities strong technology and a growing portfolio of prestigious customers.


What we offer to our partners in distribution:
  • A product with a large target: Tabbles is developed after the needs of the average SMB and suits also well the needs of professionals or home users. Tabbles is innovative and graphically appealing: it looks good on any shelf or e-commerce site.
  • Great marketing and partner support: we provide all the advertisement material you need, be it banners, videos, posters or whatever you may need to promote Tabbles.
  • Flexible scheme: several license scheme are available already. Should you require a different license type to fit your customer base, we will do our best to make sure your satisfied with our offer.
  • White labeling: Are you keen in distributing a customized version of Tabbles using your own branding and default db structure? Let us know.

Please contact us at



Please register as to our avangate affiate page and contact us if you want more info.



You’re a blogger or a do-gooder?

If you have a blog, a non-profit or any other do-gooder company, contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a free Tabbles Pro license or offer you a strong discount on Corporate licenses.


Tabbles great tagging tool

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