Data-mining: auto-tagging rules and tags

Here you can find sets of auto-tagging rules and tags, that you can use to data-mine information by scraping your drives and matching the content of your files to patterns (based on regular expressions).


The files listed here can be imported in your Tabbles database from the menu File > Tabbles databases’ > Import data from XML zipped (there is no undo, so make sure you know what you are importing! 🙂 )

You can of course create your own rules and edit or delete the existing ones. If you import the file twice, the rules and tags will not be duplicated (unless you have renamed them).

Import auto-tagging rules for data mining, with regular expressions


To start scraping a drive, you have to right click on a drive in Tabbles, then click on  Folder menu and then on Apply auto-tagging rules.

Select a drive to scrape

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Sensitive Info #1

(Updated 12.12.18)This is a first attempt to put together a list of auto-tagging rules to scrape and auto-tag. Most of the regex where found on  RegExLib. This list contains rules to match:

  • Name of all the danish cities with more than 2500 inhabitants (around 1000 cities)[UPDATE: now more precise]
  • Credit card numbers from the major credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard, Amex…)
  • Danish CPR number (check on wikipedia)
  • Email addresses (RFC 5322 Official Standard)
  •  Italian Codice Fiscale (check on wikipedia)
  • USA Social security codes (this regex gives a lot of false positives, but since the pattern is so simple, it’s to be expected)
Scape: sensitive Info 1

UK Passport, National Insurance Number and Postcodes

(Updated 20.06.18)Upon a user request we put together a database of UK Documents :

  • UK Passport based on this regex
  • UK National Insurance number based on this regex [Updated: less permissive regex, less false positives]
  • UK Postcodes
Scan drives for UK passport number and UK National insurance number

German Zip Code, tax code and more

Various German codes, including:

  • German  Zip Code (Postleitzahl – PLZ), matches the numeric part
  • German personal tax number (Steuernummer)
  • German health insurance number (Versicherungsnummer)
  • German army ID number (Personenkennziffer)
  •  German VAT Number
Data mine German sensitive information

JMBG (former Jugoslavia) and OIB (Croatian)

Various personal identification codes, including:

JMBG and OIB regex

Japanese town name

This database contains only one rule that searches for Japanese cities. The rule is triggered whether the city is written in Latin characters (e.g. Nanporo) or in Japanese (e.g. 南幌町). The principle is shown in this video (although the regex has been updated since the video).

search Japanese town's names in files

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