for a long time, I wished I had the time to write a list of all the tagging applications out there, try them out and tell the world about them, but since that’s quite a lot of work, reality bit and the project never saw the light.

Thankfully Simon Kravis (a real pro sitting on the other edge of the Globe) had the patience to pull together an incredibly thorough review of all the tagging software around, that you can enjoy on turbofuture.com. Since the article was first published, it was updated multiple times, so let’s hope this will become the living bible of the file tagging space.

And as I’m here, I take the chance to greet all our colleagues mentioned in the article, hoping to meet all of you for a beer one day: SetTags, TagSpaces, Tagging for Windows, Tag Explorer, Elyse and ThatFile. If any of you is up to create a “World Tagging Foundation”, give us a shout as we’re definitely in! 🙂


Below is the summary of the comparison, click on it to open the review:


Turbofuture review - Tabbles gets 4.5 stars