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    • Jay Gray
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      We have existing class hierarchies (trees)

      We’ve experimented using copy/paste to create a tree (class hierarchy) in tabbles.

      Is there a method to import one or more trees into tabbles?

      For example, we could organize the list as a TSV file or CSV file.

      The thought is that each class item (row) repeats the parent class.

      Alternatively, it could be a TXT file with tabs to identify the leaf node (child of the parent)

      If we had that capability, we then could reproduce the Class structure that we use in a database.

      That would enable us to tag files that are ‘pending’ in the file system and should be included in the next release of the database.


      /jay gray

    • Andrea
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      Hi Jay,

      You can’t really import trees, but you can create tags from a list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFc40WZThdE


      if you want to go further, than you can:

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