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    I took the easy plunge to install Tabbles. I was gravitated to one of the features in which you can create one or more rules for a) auto-assigning a tabble when you create a file in a given folder/subfolder, and b) assign a tabble to all files in a given folder/subfolder.

    Here’s the problem. I’ve got three dozen folders under a primary folder. There are tens and tens and tens of thousands of files in those directories. When I let Tabbles go do it’s magic, it was continuing to perform magic at the 1.5 hours mark and was using 1gb of RAM. A gig! Whoa…

    What types of upper limits will Tabbles support with regard to my scenario? Is this 1gb RAM use a condition of the one-time implementation of these rules or is the 1gb RAM usage persistent due to the size of the database Tabbles creates?

    Like the idea, would like to go farther, but I get the feeling like maybe I’m pushing the limits of the product.


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