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      One of the most useful looks in Tabbles for myself is the Outlook Plugin, this allows me to combine email messages and other documents in search parameters.

      Lately, some very strange behavior has been occurring when I use this functionality.

      I have tagged a large number of Outlook emails ~(Purchased Pro to cover 200 limit) and all entries can be seen in Tabbles.

      However, if I launch the email message from Tabbles, some messages return a ‘Message specified cannot be found’ pop-up message from Outlook and others open perfectly OK.

      Originally, I thought that it was only messages that were saved prior to the latest Microsoft Updates that were having the issue.

      I have now however, re-tagged all email related Tabbles so that I can select them and sort them by date.

      This has shown that the email messages that will not open appear to be totally random, although it appears that the same emails are always affected.

      As an aside, if you keep trying to open the emails returning the above message, eventually Outlook crashes with a COM error.

      Has anyone else experienced this.

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