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    in reply to: the Wiki! #1538

    Just spent 30 minutes reviewing the entire Wiki and LOVE it.
    I am BEGINNING to see how Tabbles could/should replace my desktop.
    Windows does NOT do a good job of allowing organization of programs by function.
    Not sure if this is doable, but given enough time, maybe I could use tabbles?

    MSFT Applications (word/excel/powerpoint)
    Web site utilities (FTP/NVU.Site analyzer)
    File Management utilities (Powerdesk, dedup, treesize, etc)

    Health related files/folders (like Personal, Spouse, research/blood pressure, Blood sugar, liver, etc)
    Personal Finance (taxes/expenses…..


    This could be fun, but would I have to BUILD Tabbles on each of my computer that have the same files? (Desk and Lap)

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    Do not like being a Practicalist, but the request on how many files in Tabbles and the instructions on how to obtain the number indicate why the use of Tabbles MUST require freeware for some time. The learning curve (even for experienced people like me) is VERY STEEP, Here is a VERY Current example:

    This topic begins with a "simple" request, How many files in Tabbles. BUT a small picture included and the instructions:
    1) double click on the tabble "Tagged", the one with the Tabblee icon (in the picture…maybe it’s name is "used with Tabbles") 2) read the number in the top right."
    Above indicates an small example of THE MAJOR learning curve challenge.

    It is important to remember that almost ALL users and potential users of Tabbles (me included) have been raised on explorer or equivalent. Personally I use powerdesk + other utilities like treesize and windir to provide SIMPLE "management" of my files. The learning curve on these products was close to zero.

    The videos were a big help, but the user interface and simple information and intuitive navigation will be the key to user acceptance and THEN the $ will follow.

    I have NO problem with a file limit (Maybe a folder limit would be better).
    I like the limit idea but what is a Tabble definition of a file?

    If it includes the htm(s) and associated files in the folder then the number better be large. On the usability point, If I could define to tabbles (SIMPLY), a filter that says ONLY include the HTML file and not the subfolder and its files then the number would be MUCH smaller.

    Related is the the following about a file called xxx.html and the related folder xxx(and its sub files).
    IF I "move" the xxx.html FILE (not the folder) than the file is moved with its subfolder. If I rename xxx.html to bbb.html then the xxx folder is no longer associated with the html.

    Hope this helps.
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    I just ran TreeSize Free and it reports on the simple run that I have 249,289 in my downloaded software folder and
    295,954 in my "critical" files folder.

    The problem with this "number" is that there are thousands of htm or similar type "files" that are associated with sub folders and there is a lot of "junk" inside.

    For example a "file" called downloads.html (The Download Tabbles 1.3.8) page is 33,046 bytes, HOWEVER the "subfolder and associated files add 35 more files for an additional 362kb)

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    I run 1280 x 1024

    Yes, I had previous version installed

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    I am very happy to report a few events.
    1. After a reboot (1.3.5) my system (desktop and browser) seemed to be back to normal
    2. I was able to successfully uninstall Tabbles and reboot OK
    3. I learned that in event viewer, it is NOT File save as but rather "action" to save (export) event viewer data.
    4. I have sent the logs for review.
    5. I downloaded and installed Tabbles_setup_1.3.8_20091207a.msi (I add the version and data) with NO problems
    6. rebooted and started Tabbles with no visible problems.
    7. sent the Event viewer logs for review (MUCH smaller) since I now understand Event viewer
    8. Probably MOST important is that it Appears Tabbles performs a create system restore point because that in the failing event viewer log.

    (.net 3.5SP1 is installed)

    GOOD Progress….
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    1.3.5 (on my 32-VISTA Machine) has really messed up my Vista ultimate machine.
    Decided to reboot and much to my VERY pleasant shock, it booted normally so will be able to uninstall Tabbles 1.35!!!

    If someone can tell me how to export event viewer files I will do that and then upload.
    This (needless to say) is a CRITICAL problem! and has stopped me from further use of Tabbles.

    Before the Uninstall I will create a system restore point…
    Looks Like I am able to uninstall Tabbles 1.35 and will then reboot.
    At least It does not appear that I will have to go to recovery mode.

    The interesting piece of information is that the uninstall opened Firefox but Firefox said that it was not the default browser and asked if I wanted to change that. I believe Tabbles 1.35 changed the following:
    1. Desktop
    2. security access controls
    3. Default browser to IE
    4. I thought I was "current" on .net but I believe 1.35 installed some type of inet update and I believe it was an older version.

    Currently rebooting and all seems OK…..

    SUGGESTION to READERS. Do a Backup (or create a system recovery point) BEFORE updating Tabbles!
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    installation of 1.3.5 (dated 1203) has really messed up my desktop so this is from my backup machine.
    I just installed 1.3.5 and noticed many very disturbing activities.
    1. my desktop was totally replaced and really messed up with what appeared to be a tabbles background as well as TOTALLY re-arranging the desktop ICONS.
    2. It appears that My default Firefox was changed to IE
    3. I can not even start control program to Uninstall tabbles!!!!!
    4. Snagit no longer works so I can not even send a print screen.
    5. there is not even a "run" ability

    This install on Vista has really screwed me!!!!!

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    in reply to: Feature request #1357

    I have TERABYTES of data and use extensive folder/file naming conventions.
    I love the concept of Tabbles, but have a major issue with importing into tables.
    For example, I have a folder for all File relates software – 2,213 folders, 25,974 files 2,37 GB
    This is a SUBSET of my software folder which is even bigger. 21,867 folders, 248,973 files 49.2GB
    When moving this amount of file names to Tabbles, the results are worse than explorer (or powerdesk)

    There MUST be as "filter" on import that will allow me to Include or exclude file types.
    There MUST be a "filter" on Viewing a tabble as well.

    File folders represent the name of the software (softwarefilestabbles) so in my "softwarefilestabble" tabble I would like to see a nested tabble named files and within softwarefiles a tabble named tabble. in the tabble tabble I would like to see only:
    *.txt, *.exe, *.doc *.html *.zip
    In the whats-tabbles.html file is a folder named whats-tabbles_files that contains 41 files occupying 600K
    I do NOT want this "junk" (in my opinion) in the table or if it is there needs to be a viewing filter of some type related to HTMLs.

    Another example softwarebrowsersFirefox I have more sub folders representing different builds of Firefox
    I would love a tabble called softwarebrowsersfirefox with the nested tabbles for each version. However, this does not seen to be doable. softwarebrowsersFirefoxFirefox3.5 contains 144files and 8 Folders but in reality only 7 files an exe and 6 HTML The 2 extra folders are subfolders of htm folders

    Am I the ONLY person experiencing this frustration?
    [email protected]

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    Just installed 1.2beta 2. How do I get the windows desktop back.
    Tabbles is NOT a replacement for that. (yet)

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    Your target may be corporate but that will not occur until the personal (home or professional) user starts screaming that they MUST have this app in their business computer. If the personal use cost is low, then viral marketing will explode the usage!

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    1. Would it be acceptable for you if those information appeared in a file’s tooltip?
    Worst case, yes, but not desired solution

    2. Please note that sorting files by date is already possible. (Actually you can sort by three different dates). Given that, do you think it is still needed to see the date beside each file? Could you provide a practical scenario where this is needed, or at least greatly increases productivity?

    Sorting the way you have implemented provides little if any value.
    Sorting on something with displaying the value is almost like not sorting.
    I need to see the date so I can see when I "created" or Accessed a file. (The date shown should be an option) ONLY 1 date (user specified) should be displayed.

    3. If so, what kind of date do you need? Modification date, creation date, date the file was last opened with Tabbles, date a tabble was last added to the file? Why?

    4. as for file size: would it be enough to be able to sort files by size, and then see the file size in the file’s tooltip?
    see # 1

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    Unfortunately, I am on the road and will not be able to check out what I installed on my desktop until Monday.
    If the date/size was displayed with mouse over that would probably work, but not as effective. Will check out your comments on sorting and compact viewing Monday, thanks for the quick response.

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    Filename ext size datestamp of mod at a minimum (would be nice if fully qualified drive:folderfile were included

    "you are now viewing…" should include # files and total size

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