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  • staley
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    I just wanted to tell you guys… the big decision factor when deciding to pay the registration fee or not was the fact that your registration system doesn’t phone home to activate. I understand the issue with software piracy… and with a cool app like this… it might be in the back of your mind to implement a DRM or Activation system that would require me to have an internet connection to install on a new machine. I really hate this… since it seems like only the customers lose, the bad guys just use KeyGens to get around it.

    PLEASE PLEASE keep the simply registration key "activation" method you have now. I hope this wasn’t unclear… as I tend to ramble on this subject. I have dropped two companies as a customer due to them started to require activation or simply never upgraded my license. Translation for those companies… lost sales.

  • Andrea
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    Dear Staley,

    interesting topic: what you say make a lot of sense to us to. Our goal is not trying to prevent pirates to illegally use our software (as it’s a battle we can’t win) but it’s more trying to reach people who are willing to pay and deliver them the best product possible.

    Plus, Tabbles is mainly thought as corporate app (even though we’re starting with home users) and we’re aiming at the VAR and resellers market: given these premises, worrying about software activation doesn’t make much sense.

    My best regards,


  • inf2know
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    Your target may be corporate but that will not occur until the personal (home or professional) user starts screaming that they MUST have this app in their business computer. If the personal use cost is low, then viral marketing will explode the usage!

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