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      Ladies and Gentlemen in the forum,

      we’re in the process of simplifying the GUI. The reason is that we had many reports of people saying "I installed it, played with it for 2 minutes, couldn’t figure it out, uninstalled it". This is extremely painful for us and our download-to-purchase ratio makes us think that some users get scared from our GUI.

      The first step was removing the the so called "butterfly" – the round disc containing 3 buttons that would pop-out from below a tabble upon rollover. The butterfly is possibly gonna come back in a while, but disabled by default and for power-users only.

      What is your feeling about the Tabbles GUI? Is there something crazy that you really did take forever to figure out? Or something that you didn’t figure out yet?

      Please give us some input on that: this is really where we need your opinion!

      Thanks a bunch! 🙂


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