this is a first beta of our next release, Tabbles 4. Below is a preliminary changelog, but we’ll be adding more features to this release, within the next weeks. Until now, we have:

– New GUI for combining, more intuitive (the Combining tree is a real tree and you can combine from the tree)
– We added some features in the GUI (copy & paste tags)
– Now the tag tree is  shared in the whole organization: dragging a tag into a shared tag, shares it automatically. Reorganizing tag nesting, all users in the the organization see it
– Major improvement with tag sharing and collaboration on network drives: it now works in more network setups than used to, independently from drive letters and DiskIDs
– Bug fixes in Outlook

We’re working on more very cool features, but we won’t talk about them until we have a working version.


Grab the beta here, but make sure you read the instructions included!