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ok, let me go through this:

"mrdna" wrote:
1. A tabble that automatically collects and contains naked pictures of my favorite celebrities.

Far from impossible: it can be done with some smart auto-tagging!

"mrdna" wrote:
2. a tabble that will feed my cat.

Not sure, but we can code a tabble that puts your cat on diet (by making you believe it’s feed it and not doing it) 😀

"mrdna" wrote:
3. an "Easy Tabble" that knows what I’m looking for and opens the one document I was really trying to find despite what I ask it.

This would be Maurizio’s dream… I guess we could get close to it doing some pattern analysis (but this would requires a looot of code, like 10 man/years)

"mrdna" wrote:
4. a tabble that turns down the neighbor’s music

Difficult, but we can still make a tabble that turns your own music on at max volume 😀

"mrdna" wrote:
5. a dialogue box that asks me if I’m completely stupid when I combine tabbles and get no file results

Ok, this is a real thing: once a tabble is selected we should give the chance to hide all the tabbles that would produce an empty list if combined with it… it’s in the todo list somewhere (it takes some time to implement as nothing like this happens on the ground floor…)

"mrdna" wrote:
6 a 3-d environment where you must kill monsters in order to add a tabble to your query. If it kills you it eats one of your tabbles

I’d love to see this!!! As soon as we’ll release APIs and people will be able to code their own plugin (hopefully next year) you can post as a plugin request 😀

P.S.: I missed this post and found it again using the RSS feed… if you don’t wanna miss a post, RSS feed is the way to go.


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