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Hello inf2know,

thanks a lot for your feedback.

We totally understand your point of view about the graphics: we’re aware that Tabbles looks at least different (if not strange) and of course this will cause some people to love it and some other people to hate it. Consider that what we’re trying to achieve with the interface is not easy by itself (we’re trying to show files linked to many "concepts") and that we redid the whole interface maybe ten times before getting to what you see today.

So, even if we’re proud of what we did, we’re aware that some people might not like the interface while still being interested in the concept. Right now our goal now is to earn back the group of people who are interested in the idea but are scared away by the graphics. In order to do this we’re planning to:

1) in the short term: integrate some of the Tabbles functionalities in windows Explorer. We’ll probably be able to integrate only very few functionalities, as most of the things we do in Tabbles simply wouldn’t fit the Explorer interface. Your opinion about what and how we should do here, would be highly appreciated!

2) in the medium term: develop one or more alternative themes for Tabbles, which would make it look sensibly different by modifying the existing graphics (while keeping the code mostly as it is right now). Suggestions here will be welcome too!

Again, thanks for your feedback, we hope to see more coming 🙂

My best regards,


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