We’re working on a major update, planned for the end of October, with two new main features:

  1. API system (like the one we had with Tabbles 2.4). What is an API system, and why is it cool? An API system is a way to have Tabbles communicating with an other app, or a plugin. So if you are a developer, or have an idea about a plugin, please let us know asap.
  2. Adding comments to files: we’ve received tons of requests to add these feature, forever! Now it’s the time when we’re developing it 🙂
    We don’t yet how the user interface of this feature will be, so if you have any ideas, please drop us a line!
  3. New localization files (.resx): we’ve updated our forum thread here https://tabbles.net/topic/help-us-to-translate-tabbles/ , with new localization files. We’d appreciate greatly if you would help us to update them by translating the latest strings that need to be translated – and we’ll be happy to hand a free Business License to all who contribute. We need the German translation to be completed very urgently (so we are happy to offer something more to those will help us with it!) 🙂