Hi, this video tutorial answers another frequently asked question. Our previous video tutorial on the setup of Sql Server stopped after the creation of the database, and the creation of the first Tabbles user, via the Tabbles’ GUI. That video assumes that your Tabbles client is installed on the same machine where Sql Server is (Read Post)

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Hi all, this replies to a frequently asked question. Sometimes, when installing the latest version of Tabbles, you are asked to “upgrade the database“. (This is needed because Tabbles 3 is client-server, and upgrading the client does not automatically upgrade the database.)It turns out you can do that with a couple of clicks. Here is (Read Post)

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tabbles very compact 1

Hi all, we are happy to announce the release of Tabbles 3.0.31, with several bug fixes and, due to popular demand, the new “very compact view“. This is a new view that closely resembles the “list view” offered by Window’s File Explorer. The file icons are now much smaller. Here is a screenshot:In case you (Read Post)

By popular demand, we have made a detailed video tutorial showing how to install Sql Server 2012 Express (the free edition) to work with Tabbles.Here it is (be sure to enable captions):As you can see, you can just choose the defaults, except to enable Sql authentication mode (AKA mixed mode).After you install the database server, (Read Post)

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Set unique name for disk - Tabbles

Dear Tabbles followers, We are proud to announce the release of version 3.0.20 with a major new feature: find files in disconnected drives (cdroms, network drives, usb drives). This means that, when you find a file with Tabbles, and then try to open it by double-clicking, if the disk containing the file is disconnected, Tabbles (Read Post)

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Tabbles in Russian

Hello everyone, and Happy Easter!Tabbles 3.0.18 beta is now available, completely translated to Russian, thanks to our friend Konstantin.There are also many bugfixes so, if you have any earlier version, please upgrade.In the next few days we are about to introduce an important feature: if you try to open a file on a detached disk, (Read Post)

Tabbles Explorer Integration

Hi all, this is Maurizio again. Today I want to show you one of the key features of Tabbles 3: the tracking of files moved with Explorer. Because a video is worth a thousand words, I made one: (be sure to turn on annotations for better understanding.) For those of you who still prefer words (Read Post)

Tabbles Outlook plugin

Hello everyone, this is Maurizio Colucci, Tabbles’ main developer.We are proud to announce the launch of Tabbles 3.0. This is a total rewrite of Tabbles, which took us two years to complete, and adds major new features aimed at corporate environments:1) we are now using Sql Server for storing our tagging data. This allows collaborative (Read Post)


Preliminary new feature list:- Tabbles now uses Microsoft SQL Server: install your own server (creating the db is really easy) or use our Cloud version.- Fully functional multi-user environment, with centralized management, scalable to the infinite and beyond.- File tracking: you can move/rename/delete files in Explorer without losing the tagging (working only on Windows Vista, (Read Post)

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Open source plugin and more API

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Download Area

Tabbles 3.0.39 beta

(~ 9MB) Compatible with: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. For LAN mode, it requires Sql Server.