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HELLO WORLD, after a couple of hours of banging our heads to the wall, we got Tabbles to run on Azure. Two hours is indeed less than what we expected… and Tabbles also runs faster than we expected. We have setup an instance on our Azure instance (courtesy of Microsoft Bizspark), so if you want (Read Post)

Reviews of Tabbles on Capterra

Dear Tabbles users, our partner Capterra is kindly offering $20 Amazon gift cards to first 20 reviews of Tabbles posted on their website. You can post a review here. Thanks! ūüôā

Tabbles 4 on Microsoft SQL LocalDB

HELLO WORLD Microsoft SQL LocalDB is a minimal version of Microsoft SQL Server,meant to provide a fully fledged SQL database without the pain of installing and configure an SQL Server. The installer of LocalDB is as straightforward as it can get, and the setup is truly minimal. This is what you need to get Tabbles (Read Post)

Tabbles 4 windows

HELLO WORLD,   this is a first beta of our next release, Tabbles 4. Below is a preliminary changelog, but we’ll be adding more features to this release, within the next weeks. Until now, we have: – New GUI for combining, more intuitive (the Combining tree is a real tree and you can combine from (Read Post)

We’ve had issues with our hosting, so¬†the Cloud version is not working with version 3.1.26 and below. Please install the 3.1.28 from our download page, to have the Cloud database to work again. Update to 3.1.28 now!   Apologies for the inconvenience!!!

HELLO WORLD, in the past few days, our registration page wasn’t working. This was due to two separated issues, both solved today: 1) Our .aspx host Databasemart did move our website, so we had to update a couple links. 2) While investigating this, we realized that Mandrillapp (that we were using to send registration emails) (Read Post)

Tabbles on Windows 10

Tabbles runs on Windows 10   We got Tabbles to run on Windows 10! Please let us know if you have any trouble with it, as usual.  

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HELLO WORLD,   If you’re reading this, chances are you heard about¬†Pushdo¬†already.¬†For the (lucky) rest of you, If your¬†site starts using incredible many CPU resources and bandwidth, possible¬†resulting in your hosting suspending your website or your web server becoming unusable, chances as you’re victim of a Pushdo¬†attack (which of course is what is happening to (Read Post)

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Preliminary new feature list: – Tabbles now uses Microsoft SQL Server: install your own server (creating the db is really easy) or use our Cloud version.– Fully functional multi-user environment, with centralized management, scalable to the infinite and beyond.– File tracking: you can move/rename/delete files in Explorer without losing the tagging (working only on Windows (Read Post)

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Open source plugin and more API

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