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Maurizio has been working for 4 weeks now on the “shared tabbles” feature. Tabbles has been cut in pieces for a long while, and a lot of deep-under-the-hood changes have been made.
We don’t know the results yet: today Tabbles compiled for the first time but it’s crashing every 10 seconds. Apparently this is not a surprise as the changes were many, and often complex.
Anyway, after discussing and discussing many possibilities on the technology to be used, we approached WCF – Let me try and explain a bit more.

Tabbles is becoming a client-server application based on the WCF technology

Basically a number of functions in Tabbles will be “exposed”, meaning that they can be accessed from the Tabbles “clients” via TCP/IP (or using another technology that allows for 2 apps in the same machine to communicate). So There will be a server holding the db, and the clients communicating with the server each time you combine 2 tabbles or you tag some stuff…once again, this is still WIP and we’re not even sure it will work yet – fingers crossed :)

Side effects: external apps will be able to access the Tabbles’ database, a-là-twitter

This stuff Maurizio is working on should be able to allow other people to code apps that can (for instance) tag files or retrieve data from the db. This could well be the first layer of an API that will allow to code plugins :)

This sounds to us 2 very exciting – hope it is the same for you there! :)

P.S.: if this silly volcano starts behaving decently again, within 2 days I should leave for 2 weeks of holidays (the first one in 3 years! :D) so I guess I won’t be that much on the forum… Maurizio will be posting news/betas as the stuff keeps happening :)


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    WCF based client-server version – Tabbles developers’ blog…

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    WCF based client-server version – Tabbles developers’ blog…

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