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  • inf2know
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    Just read a review that IMPLIED that windows 7 provides a virtual folder type capability.
    I do not have 7 so can not comment?
    Anyone tried 7 and seen this?

  • staley
    Post count: 83

    I have Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), what exactly is this feature? Any idea how to use it? I would be happy to test it with the latest version of Tabbles and give feedback.

  • Andrea
    Post count: 890

    Uh, Inf2know is talking about Libraries and saved searches…nothing new since Vista, and very far from Tabbles indeed 🙂

    Tabbles should work just fine on Win 7 (which is not surprising since Win 7 is in reality Vista 1.1 😀 )

  • staley
    Post count: 83

    Wait… don’t let Microsoft hear you say that… (Vista 1.1), Windows 7 is a "completely" different OS, much more stable and no where near Vista… (Well MS’s marketing team would like people to think that… after they finally fixed Vista and are reselling "Vista" to all of their paying beta users. (Sorry if this sounds mean, it really is suppose to be in fun… which btw, has everyone seen the latest three Apple PC/Mac commercials… I love the "broken promises" one, though I am so far very happy with Windows 7 for the most part. 😀

  • mrdna
    Post count: 220

    I run Vista U64 and was under the impression W7 was more about cleaning up and stabilizing the interface rather than the big dealings they did between XP and Vista. Kinda like what Andrea notes Vista 1.1. Anyways, will get my chance to see the differences for myself soon… 🙂

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