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  • staley
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    Just curious… is this based on mind mapping or something. Where did you guys get the idea for it’s design. It’s very unique! 🙂

  • Andrea
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    hehe, I was waiting for someone to come up with this question 😀

    Some of the story is in the press release we issued (you find it here: https://www.tabbles.net/en/about/press-room.html)

    Shortly: at some point of my life (i was working as S&M at 3shape.com at the time) I realized that a hierarchical system was not good enough to keep my own files organized in a sensible way. At that point I started looking for a small application that would allow me to place the same file into several folders, but without duplicating it. So I started researching the internet extensively, made myself a culture about document management systems, and after a couple of months I still couldn’t find such an application. Well, that’s where it all started 🙂

    If you want to know more details, just PM me, I don’t want to bore people to death on this topic, ok? 🙂

    best regards,


  • staley
    Post count: 83

    Thanks for sharing!

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