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    I’m looking forward to auto-tagging coming in v1.3.0, but I was curious on how it was being implimented and if there was a way to introduce user-definable auto-tagging rules.

    A couple aspects I think would up the power on this even more than it will be initially.

    1. User-definable rules; "if file X is in dir/subdir Y add to tabble Z" – The directory name is a used as a variable rather than being made the tabble’s name. Allow this to extend to file names as well – "if filename X has Y in its name add to tabble Z"

    2. Allow user-defined rules to override default auto-tagging

    3. User-defined rules export/import with structures

    (edit; almost forgot a very important part!)

    4. auto-tagging based on file date and time
    a. switchable so the date/time tag is defined by;
    i) current file date/time (if file date/time changes so does tag)
    ii) original file date/time when Tabbles first saw the file (tag does not change if file date/time does)

    5. user-defined dirs to auto-tag (ability to turn auto-tag on/off, essentially)

    Hope these make sense.

    Feedback from other users?

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