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  • mrdna
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    I don’t know the licensing or underlying program requirements. Also this may be something ultimately for the business edition alone.

    At work we have a large directory (full of subdirs) of procedure docs. Our dept is not the only one that has a set up like this for procedure and other documents. We are a pretty good size institution (central library for a good sized city) and it’s enough of an issue they will be rolling out a document handler eventually. Last I heard that was over a year away at minimum… Couple this with a locked-down system where a user can’t install any programs… You see where I’m going with this…

    I’d like to be able and run Tabbles from my USB drive and tag the files on my work machine/network drive.

    Is this a good idea?

  • Jfw
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    This seems indeed very interresting as I have the same issue at work…
    Being able to use Tabble without installation privilege would be great… I even had a weird dream this night…
    An online version of Tabble… Let me explain…
    As google is organizing the online information… Tabble would be THE tool to organize off-line information…

    I had a dream…. I dreamed that I had a tool that could organize all my off-line information (read all the info I store on my disks) of the different computers I work on (my work laptop and all network drives, my home desktop, my home laptop, etc…)

    I use a small program which I do not need administrator rights to use (or.. the program is webbased ?)
    The information is stored on the web.. so I can access it from anywhere. When I log in the program detects on which PC I am located and I can search the files that have been tagged from this PC.
    If I search a file which is on another PC it tells me this…
    I will find all the information back at anytime and anywhere… and if i do not have direct access to the information I know where it is located…

    Finally I will get a large fee from Yellow blue soft when it will bought over by Google 🙂

    Any comments are welcome…


  • mrdna
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    I could almost hear background music swelling the further I read into your post! LOL!

    Web-based would be a nice touch, but besides a dedicated server I’d bet it would completely change their marketing model and several underpinnings of the program itself. Consider the difference between Evernote’s installed program and the web client and then look at their marketing.

    Giving Tabbles USB portability would allow the same functionality without putting their current path into the blender. Nice idea though!

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  • mrdna
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    Saw an interesting take on USB portability where the desktop program had a command in the ‘tools’ menu to install a portable version on a USB drive. (Evernote) Seemed to be a pretty elegant way to go about things.

  • Andrea
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    Yeah, it makes a lot of sense…
    it wouldn’t be too hard for us, but we want to develop some network capabilities before we think of it… but let’s see 🙂

  • staley
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    The one thing that would be extra nice to pull this off using open source or in-house designed technologies. As technologies such as U3 are nice, but are heavily reliant on their vendors still supporting them in the future. 😕

  • staley
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    PortableApps platform may be of service also, since it I believe is an open platform for USB Edition apps.

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