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  • miker
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    have been watching developments since getting my GOTD licence.

    its an interesting app which for me doesnt have the right GUI

    I dont want to be using the full Tabbles interface if I want to work on a file – what it needs is a popup to enable me to find what I want quickly using the Tabbles engine in the background.

    so I would setup my data and access methods, then I press a hotkey to get a simple interface, press a couple of keys – and it gives me a list of files to choose.

    I can see there are times when you need the full interface – but for me most times it gets in the way.

    best wishes — Mike

  • nefycee
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    "miker" wrote:
    I can see there are times when you need the full interface – but for me most times it gets in the way.


    I’m using the desktop replacement

    Have you tried this with alt+c hotkey?

  • Andrea
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    HI Miker, an welcome to the forum! 🙂

    try the latest beta (1.2 beta2 in the beta section of the forum), make sure you install the shell extension correctly. If it’s correctly installed, when you right click on a file/folder in windows explorer, so you’ll see the Tabbles icon next to "Categorize with Tabbles"… this is the first step towards what you’re asking for.

    Let me know if this works for you!


  • mrdna
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    There are several meta-taggers out there that are like what you’re asking. Google ‘file tagger’.

    As nefycee notes, the alt-c quick-open is excellent for drilling down to find the file you want, and a double-click opens the file par normale. In my use of Tabbles the GUI is more of a help than hindrance to focus me on the info or docs I want to find and, for the casual users I know, it helps in creating a Tabbles database rather than simply meta-tagging a bunch of files. Gives them more of a ‘project space’ feeling.

    Andrea: I think he’s talking more about accessing files outside of the Tabbles GUI. The explorer integrated right-click is (at the moment) geared toward adding a file to a Tabbles DB rather than finding one. Good point though and I hope accessing Tabbles via the extension makes it into release eventually. Would be cool.

  • miker
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    yes I am talking about operating outside the current GUI

    I use the GUI or the file extension to categorize files …

    then I want a quick and easy way to recall files without the Tabbles GUI getting in the way. It would be much faster which is a crucial plus.

    a simple comparison is Launchy – this uses a file name DB and a popup

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