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    Thanks for trying out Tabbles Portable! 🙂


    1) currently Tabbles Portable only allows to tag files on the removable drive it is installed on.

    2) you still need the .net framework 4 on the machine running Tabbles. If you don’t have it installed you’ll get a crash at the start looking like this:

    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : tabbles.exe P2 : P3 : 4bb214c3
    P4 : tabbles P5 : P6 : 4bb214c3 P7 : d P8 : 7
    P9 : system.typeinitialization
    (browser_integration, download in the bottom)
    3) Features missing compared to the standard version: explorer integration and web browser integration.
    If you’re an expert user, you can set still set up the browser integration:

    1) Get the file "tabbles_portable_URL_registration.reg" here:
    2) Edit it with a notepad and make sure all the 3 paths in the .reg to where you have Tabbles portable are correct: on my PC I have tabbles.exe on H:Tabbles_portabletabbles.exe, therefore in the file you’ll see "H:Tabbles_portabletabbles.exe". Then save the reg file.

    3) When done, double click on the .reg file and click "Ok" or "Continue" to the 125 warnings that you will get.

    4) You probably won’t even need to reboot your pc (but you could just in case)… then follow the tutorial on our site to add the bookmarklet to your browser… then it should work! 🙂

    Know issues:

    1) PARTIALLY FIXED – You should NOT create auto-tagging rules on disks other than the one where Tabbles Portable is located. If you do that, not even the firemen will be able to save your soul (from beta2 if you try to create a rule using Tools > Auto-tagging rules > New, you get a pop-up

    2) If you unplug the USB drive while Tabbles Portable is running, the Doomsday will begin.

    ° Having troubles with the installation? Please and ask here on the forum (to our happy community!) for help or write us, we’ll really do our best to help you!

    ° Your first steps into Tabbles: you now need to find out:

    • – how to categorize your files, folders and bookmarks (hint: drag’n’drop or right click on a file!)
      – how to look into a tabble (hint: double click on it)
      – how to perform a combination (hint: select 2 tabbles)

    ° Looking for help? Please have a look at our download area for training videos, have a look at our forum or just write us, we’re looking forward to help you.

    ° Follow us on twitter, facebook, on our blog and you can also subscribe to all our feeds using our OPMLfile.
    (to read an OPML you can use a reader, a firefox plugin or you can read it from

    ° Do you have more questions? Please have a look at the FAQ, have a look at our forum or just write us 🙂

    Best regards,
    The Tabbles Team (Andrea, Irma and Maurizio)

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