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    Hello everyone, I’m new here, and to this application.

    I’ve been using Tabbles for just under 2 weeks now, and I have already purchased the business license; as I find the 1000 files limit on the free version is REALLY quite limiting…

    Anyways, I’m trying to share a bunch of tabbles I use on a regular basis; and here is my scenario. 1 PC at home, 1 PC in the office, and 1 laptop I carry around with me when I go to the client’s office. On each of the computers I have installed Tabbles, and registered with my business license… I’m not sure if the Home license would work here, but either way, 60 bucks is nothing if it helps me get more organized. I carry around a few USB/eSATA drives everywhere I go; they are a lot lighter than actually carrying around my outdated laptop computer. But whats important to understand is that my files are mine only, not shared. Nor am I actually sharing my tabbles tags. But I need all 3 computers to be able to see the tabbles when I plug in each of the drives in different locations.

    Now I have tried a few sharing techniques with this application; including backup db, backup structure, enable sharing, etc… and I would like to share with everyone my experience and perhaps someone else can comment and share their opinion.

    1. backup database/restore database (found under the File menu, under Tabbles’ database) – I think what this does is actually do a full backup and restore. Has to be done manually every time I update the Tabbles, and need to copy the updates to another PC/laptop

    2. replace/update database structure (also found under the File menu, under Tabbles’ database) – From what I can tell, all this does is backup and restore the structure of the Tabbles (ie. the Tabbles in relationship to root and father). It doesn’t backup the tabbles associated to my files.

    3. Enable sharing and Configure sharing. I guess this is the setting I need to use because it allows Tabbles to automatically detect changes on my other PC/laptop and update the current site with those updates.

    On a further note, I am using the new Live Essential 2011 (Microsoft) Live Mesh tool, which allows me to synchronize folders between my computers. So what I can do is create a shared folder on each of the PC/laptop’s desktop and Mesh will sync them for me. In fact, I can have an additional sync site on MS’ skydrive (5GB limit), so if either of my computers are off, it would sync to the skydrive first, and when the PC/laptop goes online, it can sync from the skydrive instead of the actual (original) PC/laptop. This might seem complicated because I’m not explaining it properly. Effectively, it is common for me to have only one computer on at any one time. For example, if I’m at the office, the PC at home and my laptop in the bag is typically off. But before I go home, I would turn off the computer in the office (save power, going green, save the earth… ), and only when I get home would I turn on the computer at home. Now the question is, how would I sync the db files between my computer in the office and the computer at home, if either one of them is always off. SkyDrive is the answer – files are synchronized there first, and when I get home, I get the latest updates from the online sync; which is the same affect as getting the updates from my office computer.

    And the great thing about Mesh is that it is extreamly easy to use. Just login with msn credentials and thats it. If you use MSN, or Live Mail, then you don’t even have to enter any more info, as Mesh will automatically get those credentials for you.

    So, in short, am I using Tabbles correctly?

    Questions and comments please

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