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  • Oddwel
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    I have tested tabbles and bought a license to use it with my currently-hell-of-a-mess PC.

    I currently have hard drives with a stock of roughly 3.5TB of data. The actual number of files is fairly astronomous and I am not surprised at all to read “The cloud version of Tabbles doesn’t support this much”.

    Therefore, I installed MS SQL Server, but I found it was not really easy to use, setup, or configure, and that for example MySQL Server with their workbench was really more enjoyable for me to work with.

    So I started wondering : “Does Tabbles require MS SQL Server, or is it compatible with MySQL ?”

    I looked around and found nothing. So here I am asking on the forums, not really knowing where this should go.

    Would I be safe setting up a MySQL server to host Tabbles DATA ?

    I mean, I really like how Tabbles can become a part of Windows. It’s on Outlook, it’s in the explorer, it can really become a part of how I use my PC, and I love that! Would be sad that setting up the database has to be through a hassle that you have no power on. (unless some of you work on MS’s SQL Server team)

    Thanks for reading.

  • xkat
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    Theoretically it should be possible to use another ‘back-end’ – but, I would guess that it would require so many changes (‘stored-procedures’, application hooks, etc.) – too big a job for so little utility since, I believe, the core market for TABBLES is organizational network installations, where SQL Server may already be deployed.

    What particular problem are you having installing SQL Server?
    Most times, if your Windows system is fairly typical, it installs easily, although you do have to make choices along the installation path that can seem confusing.
    Have you ever installed a recent ver. of Visual Studio on this machine?
    If so, SQL Server should already have prerequisite components installed.
    I’d try again with the most recent ver. SQL EXPRESS 2014
    “Express with Tools (SQLEXPRWT) ”
    Remember to “enable Sql authentication mode” (mixed mode – both windows auth. and SQL auth.)

  • Oddwel
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    Thanks for your reply.

    The installation in itself of SQLServer is not a big issue, in and of itself. And I also don’t have any issue configuring it, technically. It’s just a matter of comfort. I have MySQL Workbench, which centralizes a lot of great tools to work with MySQL Databases ; using SQLServer needs switching from the Profiler to the Management Studio, to the Browser… It’s more of a software maze than anything to me, is the issue I have with it.

    If there’s no compatibility, then I’ll stick with it. I did, after all, not posted this in “Help needed”.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Maurizio
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    Hi, to support MySql we would have to rewrite all stored procedures. expensive stuff. we would need a commission for that.

  • Oddwel
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    Thanks for your reply. I’ll use MSSQL then.

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