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    • blackice85
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      I just recently purchased and began setting up Tabbles, but I am having some difficulties with a few things that I hope can be resolved.

      I understand that with auto-tagging, Tabbles is supposed to watch the file system and apply tags as necessary, but it often doesn’t happen. Not without manually forcing it with the ‘apply auto-tagging rules’ command on a directory, and I can only do that with one directory at a time, which becomes very tedious.

      Even worse, I’ll often have shadow files due to moving a file. It seems that some programs perform operations in such a way that it can’t track? I make heavy use of Voidtool’s Everything Search as well as DropIt, would those be the cause?

      I’m hoping there’s a workaround to this issue, I really love the concept behind it.

    • Andrea
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      Hi there,

      the fact that the auto-tagging rules are not working as expected, can depend on many things but often it’s because the File System Watcher is not telling Tabbles that something happened on the file system.  This can happens if a lot of files (hundreds) are moved at once or if they’re moved in a way that is not recorded by the File System Watcher. Just checked quickly “DropIt” and that may be the culprit – if that’s the case, there is nothing we can do (please do’t ask us to look into that).

      If you post here a couple of screenshots of your rules and of your disks (they may be the culprit too), we may be able to assist.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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