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  • ditto
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    Really liked Tabbles before the update. No clouds, no SQL, no registration. Just me, my files, and tags. Simple, effective. In fact, the only thing I think is missing is Tabs. That’s what I expected anyways when I first heard the software.

    I guess you’re targeting businesses rather than a normal desktop user. Sure, a desktop user may have a NAS or a server of his own. Maybe he’s working with his laptop and mobile devices too. But why can’t we just have a much simpler solution? Some people just can’t be bothered setting up a database for their own local tabble solution. Some people don’t trust putting information in the cloud.

    I guess, its not a very good business model. And here I thought the long awaited Tabbles update will be worth it. The features you’ve added should be optional. Why should people need to be logged in a cloud service when all his files that needs to be organized is in his Desktop.

    Any desktop users out there find these updates and cloud service necessary? Because sure, you may decide to reformat your PC and be like “oh no, all my tag-bubbles will be gone! I wish there is a service to back it up.” and you know what would be a great solution rather than a cloud service? Local backup and restore. Sure, a free cloud service thing is useful and the automatic backup of tags would be great.

    Tabbles, in its current direction, is now not a desktop solution and now aiming to be an enterprise software and that’s just sad as it would’ve been better as a desktop solution.

  • abcdrum
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    Completely agree. It’s not useful or necessary for me to have my tags backed up non-locally. Thanks for supplying legacy versions, I’ll be sticking with 2.4.12 for now.

  • u124040
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    Have to agree with this user. SQL Server on a single desktop is an absolute overkill. I’ll stick with the old version. I’d even pay a contribution to continue functionality without SQL.

  • Andrea
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    we understand and we knew that someone would not be happy, but the old architecture was too limited.

    You’re welcome to stick to the version 2.4



  • mota
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    Such a shame. I loved this product and after many hours of preserving with SQL servers etc. I am giving up. I can not for the life of me get Tabbles to connect to the Server through the firewall. Such a shame that such a great product became so complicated. I don’t not have a degree in Computer Science and the time put into getting it to work is no longer worth it. I wish you all the best.


  • Maurizio
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    Hi guys,

    I can understand your frustration with Sql Server. However, please note:

    1) If you just want to try Tabbles, you don’t need to install Sql Server. You can use the Cloud option.

    2) For serious usage, it is true you will have to install Sql Server. We have published a few video tutorials for that. They are very simple. (link) If you still need help installing Sql Server on your machines, we can do it for a small fee. (Yes, we sell technical assistance as well. Also customizations for that matter.) Contact us for more info.

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  • Andrea
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    we’re heard enough complains here.
    We’ve removed the pop-up system that notifies you with an update to the 3.0.x.
    Now you can keep with 2.4.12 on forever with no harass.

    Please confirm you get no pop-up anymore.


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