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      In general Menu if you go to :

      Tools / Auto-tagging rules/

      Open Auto-tagging rule editor.
      Select an Auto-tagging rule.
      Open it.
      Goes to “tag the file with these tags”.
      Click on the tags previously saved.

      Well if you want to edit by adding or removing a tag, you can’t
      You have to reselect all the tags one by one.
      This is fastidious.

      Could the auto-tagging rule editor remember the tags when we want to edit them?
      So that we don’t need to reselect all the tags one by one?
      I have an auto-tagging rule that has more than 30 tags to apply. If I want to edit the rule I don’t want to re-select the 30 tags one by one every time.

      Thank you,
      Best regards,


    • Andrea
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      Hi John,

      not really. It seems that you need a custom solution here… you could look at:


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