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  • rbarkerjr
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    I’m primarily interested in Microsoft Edge launching tabbles tagged URL, if it’s the default browser in Windows 10. Additionally, tagging integration for Edge too (if that’s possible with Edge)?

    I’m a geek, so I researched and found a work-around for both.

    1) Launching the URL tags with whatever browser I want, including Edge. Easy for Chrome, Firefox, IE32, IE64, Edge (Edge requires an extra step as there is no EXE for it: (%windir%\explorer.exe microsoft-edge:%1). I sent the information to the Tabbles email inquiry some time ago (registry info, how to launch Edge manually). I made a silent EXE to do it personally, but developers could simply check the registry preference and launch the same single line command I made a batch file/exe to do, passing the URL to it.

    2) Edge browser integration: I copied the IE tables integration link to Edge’s “Reading List” function, and that works to tag items within Edge…adding to the Edge toolbar or favorites didn’t seem to work. It’s simply an extra click to get to “reading list” if you generally have it set to display favorites.

  • sturakov
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    I was interested in the same issue.
    Would you mind telling me what registry change you made to fix the default browser?
    Thank you.

  • Andrea
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    Hi guys,

    this is something that has puzzled us for a while: the code to open URLs in the default browser stopped working for Chrome in Windows 10… What we know is that, if you set Firefox as default browser, Tabbles will open the URLs in Firefox – so it could be that Firefox does something different than Chrome, but that’s all we know at the moment.


  • Andrea
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    Hi guys,

    we finally found a solution, check it here:


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