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    • TheeDragon
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      I hope the attached image is self explanatory
      in essence, can not deduce the logic tabbles is using when I click on a Tabble and see the files, then the program auto adds the folder on top ??

      let me know if my question is clear enough after you look at the image
      (follow the arrows from the text box)


    • TheeDragon
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      less confused – convinced Tabbles needs some LOGIC tweaking
      eg from the enclosed images
      first – i deleted ALL tabbles and started over – very controlled process
      so I can analyze and test some theories

      it seems (IMHO) that when I click on a table on the left column
      I should get ONLY Tabble option on the TOP of the Right Column that MATCHES other possible Tabble (not the UPPER PARENT in nested folders)

      again – IMHO
      unless the authors can explain (teach me) the wisdom of this approach

      still loving the program – but want to maximize usage

      thanks !

    • Oddwel
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      My explaination of the nested approach should also cover this issue.

    • TheeDragon
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      hmm . . . not really =
      I did understand the nested tabbles files should NOT get the tabble from higher level
      please look at my images
      WHY is the TOP option showing the HIGH level TABBLE and not just the other possible tabbles that the subject files might also have

      I did ANOTHER test
      and you can see (when files now have 3 tables – ONE of the top choices is NOT the TOP level – but a lower one – ie NOT consistent
      (all it does it make the user drill down through the upper level bubble to get to appropriate choices ??

    • xkat
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      Thee – I do like the nesting function, and I had to ‘untag’ many files that got automatically tagged with the Parent, then the child, then the child’s child. I didn’t want it so cluttered, so had to redo many TABBLES.
      CAVEAT: be aware that I am a new user of TABBLES just trying to implement my own schema of Knowledge Management, i.e., ‘no expert’ at TABBLES.

      Nonetheless, using your first screenshot: (RSFO)
      * notice that all the TABBLES listed (on right) are tagged RSFO, as expected, and 2 are of Acietes and 4 of Migasa – BOTH are subs of SPAIN, subs of Buyers, subs of Company.
      I suggest you drag Acietes ‘into’ Iraq. Refresh (click Workspace) and then try clicking RSFO again. – See what results.
      Then tag 1 of those Aceites files with “Caribsat” – Refresh – See what results.
      Remove Aceites from the file you just tagged with “Caribsat” – Refresh – See what results.
      I think that will explain it, but if not:
      Then tag any 1 of those 6 files with “CDRO” – Refresh – See what results.
      Then tag a different 1 of those 6 files with “Cement” – Refresh – See what results.

      I believe the TABBLES display routine (and only Maurizio knows for sure) tries to be efficient – to show the least possible necessary TABBLES. Sometimes the combination of Tabbles is such that it can seem inconsistent (and, in fact the routine may be random, but consistently so)
      I tried a similar tagging/untagging routine on my own TABBLES setup – I was able to tag, nest, un-nest, untag, etc. several times with the same results.
      Note that I found ‘refreshing’ necessary as the lag from my machine to SQL Server was sometimes quite slow (with over 250 TABBLES)

      let me know what you find out.


    • xkat
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      just found this from the Intro >> Longer Intro ( https://tabbles.net/what-is-it/whats-tabbles/ ) near the bottom of the page:
      “Here, Tabbles helps you by displaying a list of the so-called combinable tabbles, i.e. the tabbles that can be intersected with the tabble you have chosen, producing a non-empty intersection.”

    • TheeDragon
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      while doing some more examination – discovered the following

      first annoyance

      but then

      and finally

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