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    • TheeDragon
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      per my last post
      I use NESTED tabbles a LOT
      I a still getting my arms around using tabbles to find ‘missing files’
      yes / I DO understand – the rationale
      ie do I post the doc under contracts or product or client etc
      as I am getting used to that logic
      I am not sure if I LIKE (or does it matter) that when I drag a doc into a nested tabble – it also gets tagged with ALL the tabbles ABOVE it in the tree ??

      when I look into a parent table
      is shows ALL the docs that are in THAT tabble as well as ALL the SUB-Tabbles???
      that seams to me to be NOT correct??
      ie if I have top level tabble with 10 subs and each sub has 10 docs, then if I look in the top lever tabble I see ALL 100 files ?? seems odd logic to me ?

      looking for some wisdom

    • Oddwel
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      I agree that the displaying of all subtabbles in the file-browser should be disablable (if that’s even a word).

      But to the matter of the doc getting the parents tabbles of the one you drag it onto, I don’t see how you achieved that results.

      I just dragged a test file onto a test tabble, and the only tabble it shows when right-clicking->tabbles the file is my test tabble, not its parents.
      That said, the core idea of nested tabbles is to have more generic and more specific tabbles.

      Imagine the following tabble hierarchy :
      |-|-1920 x 1080
      |-|-1280 x 720

      You could imagine a lot of tabbles inside [vfx]

      When you tag a file with the “1920×1080” tabble, you are basically saying “This file is a 1920×1080 video”. Tag it again with “transition” and you are adding “Oh, and it’s a stock video, more specifically a transition”.
      So, when you look into the video tabble, it’s only normal to see it there, since it’s a video.

      Nesting should be seen as a inheritance relationship, going into precision and detail the more we go deep. When looking for rectangles, you want to see squares too.

      Did that help understanding how it works ?

    • TheeDragon
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      you explained how it works / ty
      and I agree it SHOULD work that way
      so, just in case I got the embedded error
      ie in your example my 1920 tag ALSO had the VIDEO Tabble as well
      so , , ,
      I deleted ALL tables and made some test tables (with Subs)
      IN case the database got confused with my few months of re-org
      ALL seemed OK except ONE – it got the HIGH level table (eg VIDEO)
      auto added – not sure why
      anyway – all now seems as you suggested

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