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    • TheeDragon
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      seams as when I drag a file from one tabble into another
      it ADD (copies) to the new Tabble
      ok – makes sense
      IF I really want to MOVE it ???
      How – with without copying then have to DELETE from current tabble ??

      why not make it like explorer
      where you have the option to move or copy using
      (ctrl or alt keys)

    • xkat
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      i agree – the fastest way i can do using Keyboard and mouse is:

    • select (click) file
    • Ctrl-C
    • select (click) TABBLE
    • Ctrl-V <br>
      (you now see new TABBLE)
    • select (click) file again
    • Alt-V
    • click TABBLE at top, and “REMOVE” as usual