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    This one is hard to explain so I made a screenshot. When I am viewing a section the main tabbles view up top is not needed (for my use) I would rather them be on the bottom of all the gallery images or not there at all.

    also, if there is any way to make the gallery view images bigger that would be a huge help.

    I am currently working on a tutorial and blog post for people in my ‘niche’ as I think this program would be a HUGE help to us- and a great un-tapped market of women for you guys!

    oh, and are you working on the memory usage of this at all or will that just be part of it (worth it for me, as it solves a HUGE problem!)

    here is the image, as you can see the top part of the right side has a ton of ‘tabble’ labels- then the gallery view. For us scrapbookers it would be awesome to be able to see the images you know?

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