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  • Hikari
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    Hi guys. I just installed Tabbles free and am testing it.

    I plan buy the business licence and use it in 2 PCs and 1 laptop. I haven’t tested it on them yet.

    Once I have tagged files on PC 1, will I be able to find these files while I’m on laptop, even if laptop can’t access them?

    And what if I have a SMB shared folder on PC 2 that’s accessible on PC 1 and laptop?

    This folder has the same path on PC 1 and laptop (a mapped network drive or its original \\ path), but a different path on PC 2 (its local drive path). Will Tabbles be able to find its files on these 3 PCs? And if I use Locate in Windows Explorer, will Tabbles send me to proper path?

  • Andrea
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    Hi Hikari,

    I believe this won’t work… have you tested it by now?

  • xkat
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    Is this because [machineName] is unique (and thus different) when the query is run on each unique machine?
    Maybe this is part of the Network edition, but it might be useful if [organization][name] could over-ride machinename with a ‘switch’ (SEE ALL Machines’ TABBLES) in the Interface, and thus ‘UNION’ [machinename]s in the pertinent queries.

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