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  • Andrea
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    Hello world,

    after reading this blog we found that we need to communicate our human side a bit more:


    Who are we? We are 3 guys, working from home, who are possibly working on the way all the files are going to be managed in the near future. We did quit our jobs and jumped into this adventure, sure that our ideas are going to produce a change.
    After reading thrugh that blog, I believe it’s just about time we come out of the closet. This means that:

    – we’re gonna spend some time on our blog (registered and currently empty): http://tabbles-dev.blogspot.com/
    – we’re gonna write in the corporate page, about who we are and why we’re doing this
    – we’re gonna discuss openly about EVERY issue related to development, features, bugs, pricing, in other word EVERYTHING.

    What do you think guys?


  • nefycee
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    We are 3 guys

    Who is number 3 ? oo

    I do not know whether it is better, however the songbird team is here

  • Andrea
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    The 3rd "guy" is actually a girl, her name is Irma and she’s our CFO/legal/administrative person. We don’t talk a lot about her cause she still has her job (and works with us in the night) and she thinks that maybe it’s better not to let her colleagues/bosses know that she’s working on something else 🙂

    I’m checkin this getsatisfaction.com…

    we should definitely work more in this direction

    thanks! 🙂


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