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    • How can I create multiple Tabbles at once?

    It would be easiest, just to enter the tabble-names one after the other, separated by a comma. But this doesn't work in the categorization dialog. To start with it is time consuming to be forced to add one Tabble after the other…

    • How to handle variable drive letters assignments?

    I want to use tabble to organize files on my notebook and then move them together with the Tabbles to an external harddisk.

    Tabbles should first of all be able to relocate the files on the harddisk but also the ones on my notebook. Ideally I put the Tabbles DB on the external HD and can use Tabbles and the files on the external HD also on another PC.

    BUT: When I connect the external HD on another machine, there might be a differing drive letter assignment. Is there a way to handle this?

    (It won't bother me if I drop the external HD and do this using a service like Dropbox etc.  Would this be supported by Tabbles?)

    Kind regards for your feedback,


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