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  • Andrea
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    Let’s discuss here what you want!

  • Thomas-Benjamin SeilerThomas-Benjamin Seiler
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    <p>Hi Andrea, I suggest to simply put the comments in the info tooltip, and flag the file in tabbles with a small icon that it has a comment. Entering and editing the comment could be handled via the context menu, like with file renaming. Of course, work of context menus is not state-of-art and direct editing in the file entry would be more convenient, but maybe this is easier to realize. Cheers, Thomas</p>

  • Misha Kool
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    I re-post any idea about interface of comments on files. Wish new feature coming soon!!!





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  • rbarkerjr
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    I don’t presume the difficulty in changing the interface or unnecessarily impacting the simplicity of it for others (I like Tabbles because the interface is simple to use and find items). A very clever application. 
    I use it primarily for web URLs, some personal files, and almost no email (just as test and input here).  Since the recent change to allow renaming URL/Email entries, it alleviated my initial reluctance to use Tabbles.  That said, I suggest a description or comment be implemented the same way, a field on the ‘tag’ dialog for all tagged entries. A menu option like “rename” to “comment” – or “rename/comment” to bring up the same dialog?
    Personally, I’d like the “comment” displayed under the entry name, above the URL or FOLDER in the shown entry (not a hover or menu|more step)…searchable like the other fields in the main query, not specific to that field. 

    • Displayed in record only when there is something in that field? (might slow it down).
    • Otherwise as someone suggested, a toggle to show comments? So no waste of space for those not wanting it.
    • Maybe a system comment “tag” or indicator when there is something entered in to that field? (I’d like to filter a list of commented entries, regardless of comment displayed or not.)

    This is a luxury to me, I simply am comparing it’s use to document management system where I profiled documents and my desire to eliminate the need for an exhaustive number of tags.  I’d hate to see the application grow too complex, defeats the purpose. 
    P.S. I found another clever tool I use in conjunction with Tabbles – TiddlyWiki (same concept, but single file HTML for notes/tags.  I tag those in Tabbles since those are files (or URL)…it’s established, free, and simple (notes float in/out), and accessible (self-contained file). I use it instead of Onenote or Evernote because it doesn’t require an app and easier to organize.

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  • pwincy
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    I notice a small oddity. With a file selected which has no comments I cannot paste or ctrl V a comment in. The error implies it is recieving a tag which it cannot accept. When a comment exists a different but similar commenrs dialog opens with the existing comment and paste or ctrl V works.

    • Andrea
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      This is a known bug… we’ll get to it.

      If you want to paste, for now right click on the file in Tabbles and click on “Comments”, there you can paste with Ctrl + V

    • pwincy
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