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      I have thousand files for which the first word and second word in the filename act as classification terms but are unique.
      I’d like to tag the file with these words automatically.
      Creating an auto-tagging rule for each of this words would make me create 1000 auto-tagging rules.


      Could we get an additional option in the Auto-tagging rule editor that acts the following way :

      Use a chain of character in filename and tag the file with it :

      Number of characters selected : 0-99
      From position :  0-99  (tick/no tick)
      From Begin (tick/no tick)
      From End (tick/no tick)
      After the string: <insert string> (tick/no tick)
      Before the string: <insert string> (tick/no tick)

      Just like in Ant Renamer.
      (I add a screenshot for reference)

      Thank you so much
      Best regards,


    • Andrea
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