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    Hello to everybody.
    Its a couple of days i am literally scanning the entire Internet for a file organizer that really can help with all my files and really put an order to them.
    Well 2 products stand out the first is ofcourse yours and the other is Mendeley Desktop…but again the features of one are not covered by the other.
    Let me explain my problem and the suggestion i have.
    This is a simple real scenario.
    A week again i was reading a great article about Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 and i wanted to give it a try….but where it was…i searched,i searched on my 2 PCs but in

    vain….nowhere to find…so 1.5GB to download and guess about 10 minutes the download finished i found it…it was right in my eyes ….the exact same .iso downloaded

    about 4 months ago.
    This was the the first sparkle…and guess what there was one more…in the same article there was a mention for a monitoring tool …and again i downloaded only to find it

    was again downloaded some months again given the fact it can be used for other situations except Hyper -V.
    Well i had…i set off to find a file manager.organizer call it what ever u like…i need something that can do this work for me instead of following a strict procedure to

    store my files to specific folder and writing them down to an excel or a txt.
    So i tried everything and i mean alot of trials,freeware,demos…but …
    As i said before 2 products stand out and promise that can really do the job.
    I will talk for ur "competitor" although Mendeley developers probably never thought that their program could be used so much for this purpose…after all is an academic

    tool..but the File Organizer has 2 unbeatable features …the copy to Folder and the Creation of a folder based on the imported file…..and this is the point it stops

    (although as far i can see in their community there other people that are using mendeley in the same manner….)
    Well then theere is Tabbles….fast…with great search…with easy import and fast import but …. it stops here…yes u tag everything amazing fast and yes

    through ur interface u can find anything u want even with the minimum info of what ur looking for but u lack the feature of gathering the files/folders to a central

    My suggestion goes like this…how about instead of only tagging files/or folders to really organize them to a nice central point.
    For Example lets assume i create a tabble Virtual Machines and i drag and drop the .iso of the Hyper-V and suggest u have a mode of Central File Organization
    As soon the .iso is dropped into the tabble Virtual Machines immediately is MOVED to the Folder "Virtual Machines" to prespecified "root" folder..lets say d:

    Central .Later on u find a nice article about the Hyper-V Server …u save it as .mht and u drag/drop it to the tabble Virtual Machines and it follows the same

    procedure.Everything clean a tight…..BUT wait do u remember the monitoring tool i mentioned before…yes the tool that monitors Hyper-V Server…so u downloaded it and u

    drag/drop it to tabble Virtual Machines….but its the same tool that monitors e.g SQL….now what…instead of reimport it u delete it and u add the tabble

    Virtual Machines to the tool….yes the tool in physical stored in D:CentralSQl_UtilitiesMonitor.exe but as it can be used for Hyper-V why not add a reference to

    Virtual Machines..
    So after a few months u try to find that specific tool..u read an article e.g about SharePoint Server… and u remember something.and yes if u type "SQl Utilties" or

    "Virtual machines"…u find the so elusive tool.
    This is my first suggestion…if u like it it can go a lot further
    Greetings from Greece

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