HELLO WORLD – first cloud tagging solution in the galaxy

I promised exciting news a while ago, and now here I am: since yesterday we’re partnering with PowerFolder (a kick-ass bunch of guys who know the Cloud better than their own pockets – and their Cloud storage services kicks ass consequently) to offer the first Cloud tagging solution in the galaxy.  You can download a bundled installer (currently in Beta) of PowerFolder and Tabbles that will also give you a license valid until 31 dec. 2010.

Cool, but how does it work?

Tabbles + Powerfolder

Naaa… it sounds too easy, it can’t work!

You’ll be surprised! :mrgreen:

No network setup, no server installation, no maintenance. Plug and play -> Tag’n’share. We told you, you’ll be surprised 🙂

Ok, but what will it cost me?

The installer comes with a license valid until 31 dec. 2010. We’ll soon come out with a pricelist… and we promise it’s gonna be a very competitive one.

I wanna know more!

Check out the wiki page on PowerFolder.com. You’re also very welcome to contact us (or twitter) or the PowerFolder guys, via email or twitter

Ok, you got me, now I just want to download it!!!

Here you go: 🙂

Download Powerfolder + Tabbles bundled

Peace from the Tabbles team (and our friends at PowerFolder)! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


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  3. Andrea D'Intino October 17, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Hello Clark,

    not sure what happened on your pc, but I suggest you first uninstall PowerFolder then Tabbles (if you have more than one installation) and then reinstall the PF + Tabbles bundle.

    About the license, you may check the Powerfolder website… we’re soon gonna release a pricelist for the bundle, but as you already have a license of Tabbles the only thing you can do is talk to them directly 🙂



  4. Clark October 17, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Please post some info on how this all works if one already has Tabbles installed and licensed. Are there two licenses or one? There seem to be two different installers, etc., etc. I now seem to have two Tabbles-es in my system tray. Etc.

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