Well, this 1.5.4 is mainly a bug-fix release, but Tabbles speaks Japanese now!!! Thanks to Hiroki “Rocky” for this 🙂

This is what it looks like:

Tabbles in Japanese - I've no clue what's written here but it looks really cool to me! :-D

Tabbles in Japanese - v. 1.5.4

Anyone who knows anything about the Japanese software press? Please drop us a line if you do, we’d love to be featured on a Japanese magazine!!!

As I’m here, I’ll write about a couple of other things.

Cool improvements on the forum:

– RSS of topic: After  months of wandering looking for phpbb mod to have RSS feeds of a single topic, I just realized that the feature is built in it already :O (Yes, I’m such a dope, I know… ). So now you can subscribe to a topic using your favourite reader, or just using the functions built in each browser:

RSS per topic on Tabbles forum

RSS per topic on Tabbles forum

As I’m here, let me suggest you the RSS tool that made me finally love RSS: RSS live links for google Chrome. It’s VERY tiny, VERY unintrusive and plays a sound each time there is a new feed! Dunno if there is something similar for Firefox and IE7/8… this is what it looks like:

RSS live links for Google Chrome

RSS live links for Google Chrome

If you want to follow the development of Tabbles, I suggest you have a look to our topic “what we’re working on” (RSS here) which is currently syndicated on the right side of this page.

OpenID: something else I’ve been craving to have on our forum for a long time… finally found the openid-phpbb mod from Masterz. I had to fight a bit with the installation and the configuration – dunno if it was my fault or the developer’s fault, but I wrote to him and he wrote back promptly – and now there is a minor bug with displaying text, but the OpenID login works just fine! 🙂

Shared-tabbles are coming…

To thos who follow the forum this is nothing new… to everyone else: this is the most crucial set of features for us. It allows (it’s working already) to several user to share their tagging, and works on a local network, on the internet (as long as there is a shared drive) and also using syncronizing software which have desktop client… I won’t write more about this, but the progresses will be posted on this topic on our forum (you can subscribe to it here).

Something that didn’t work too well: the phpbb3 to bbpress converter.

Well, it does indeed work, it deliver what it promises, and it’s easy to use, but it lacks core functionalities such as converting BBCode and attachments, therefore all the links and the pics in the forum will be lost… nope, not acceptable. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! 🙂

Well, that was it for this week…