It’s with quite some excitement (!!!) that we’re releasing a new version (2.4.9) after about one year of work! In this version you’ll mostly see:

  • – Our API System: it will allow everyone out there to develop plugins for Tabbles! We’re working on the documentation for it, check back soon…
  • – Our first plugin, the Tabbles-Outlook plugin, which allows you to tag your emails in Outlook (or Tabbles) and to search them based on tags in Outlook (and Tabbles) and get them grouped with files inside Tabbles. Think of it like an extension of the “categories” for Outlook as well as a way to organize, sort and search your emails along with your documents.

We’re working on a manual for the Outlook Plugin, let’s start from this:

Tabbles Outlook plugin

  • – Tag email in Tabbles:  use this to open the Tabbles “Quick Tag” window, to tag and untag emails (in Outlook!). Each time you tag an email, an Outlook Category is associated to the email, and it tagging is saved both in Tabbles and in Outllok.
  • – Open in Tabbles: it opens, in Tabbles, all the tabbles/categories associated to the email selected
  • – Tabbles Search: use this to search for tagged emails inside Outlook
  • – Sync all with Tabbles: use this if you have already used the categories a lot. You can sync your whole categories with Tabbles (it creates a tabble for each category and tags each tagged email as well…)

Download the 2.4.9 from the usual  download page

Follow the discussion on the  forum here

Thanks and lots of love 🙂

Andrea, Maurizio and Irma 

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  1. fernando March 7, 2012 at 12:15 am

    your tool is great, but the website with looks very unprofessional with so many “lorem ipsum” text, broken link leading to test pages or under construction pages… i am looking for a software for the long run that will help me with my docs, and if i see this i get scared

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